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We all have a good idea of what law enforcement training is all about. Law enforcement officers are considered the bloodline of law enforcement agencies. They monitor streets, control and direct traffic, issue warnings, resolve disputes, issue tickets and most importantly, deal with any form of disturbance in the community. They represent the law.

Law enforcement has always been an important part of the society. There was a time when it was quite difficult to find your way into a law enforcement agency. However, things started looking brighter ever since colleges and universities started offering law enforcement training programs.

Most people feel that law enforcement training is particularly about police training only. On the contrary, it is a very vast field, which comprises of several other programs. For example, programs like:

• Forensic Science
• Private Investigation
• Correctional Officer Training
• Computer Security Training
• Crime Scene Investigation

Thanks to the concept of online degree programs, it is now possible to earn a degree in any of these programs online. There are many online colleges and universities that offer students the opportunity to enroll in any law enforcement program of their choice. You can visit for more information on the various colleges and universities offering law enforcement training.

Forensic Science
There are a number of online colleges that are offering online degrees in forensic science. They help qualify students in the field of criminal justice and forensic specialization. The online universities offering forensic science degrees include: Kaplan University and American InterContinental University Online.

Private Investigation
Private investigation programs train students on how to investigate personal investigation courses, child custody cases, computer crime investigations and others. The universities offering private investigation degrees online include: Everest University Online, Kaplan University and Utica College.

Correctional Officer Training
This training gives students the chance to learn the skills involved in becoming parole officers. They also qualify students to work at managerial correctional posts and administrative posts in law enforcement. The universities offering correctional officer training include: Post University, Keiser University Graduate School, Colorado Technical University Online, Walden University, and many others.

Computer Security Training
Computer security training gives students a sound knowledge about computer crimes. It teaches students the basics of how to identify and investigate computer crimes. The universities offering this training include: Keiser University Graduate School, Harrison College, Fortis University and several others.

Crime Scene Investigation
As a student of crime scene investigation, you will be trained on a range of fields such as home invasion, sexual assault, armed robbery, property crimes and others. Additionally, crime scene technicians and specialists are trained to evaluate crime scenes using advanced investigation techniques and equipment. The universities offering this program include: Strayer University, Virginia College, Stratford Career Institute, Grand Canyon University and many others.

Each of these programs has different requirements. Moreover, they are generally completed within a period of 2 to 3 years. The good thing is that anyone can enroll for a law enforcement training, as long as you are eligible and fulfill all the requirements of the concerned college.

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