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Paralegals are trained professionals who assist lawyers in their job. They manage clients and their cases, decide fees for legal services and draft legal documents among other things. However, they cannot provide services directly to the public without permission from law. To become a paralegal extensive legal knowledge is necessary and hence a paralegal degree.

To pursue a paralegal degree one must be interested in research and have good writing and organizational skills. A paralegal degree provides a student a diploma or certificate on completion. The duration of programs can range from three to 24 months and are offered by vocational and business schools, community centers or some universities. After completion of the course, one can take an independent path to become a freelance paralegal as well.

Alternatively, they can choose a given field and gain expertise in it with time. They can join law firms and corporations to become paralegal supervisors or managers; or work as family law paralegals or litigation paralegals.

Different types of paralegal programs are available and can be pursued as per convenience.

Associate Degree
A paralegal degree can be a 2-year associate’s degree. This requires full-time devotion of the student and is more common. It educates students on liberal arts and requires them to study legal content and general education. A professional with associate degree can transfer credits to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor’s Degree
Another type is the 4-year bachelor’s degree program. Along with the normal paralegal training this program also offers on-job training for better employment opportunities. The on-job training may be in the form of internship with court office or with a private lawyer.

Master’s Degree
A master’s degree in paralegal practice can be pursued as part-time or full-time for the sake of attaining additional qualification in this profession. It gives students an edge over others and can be used for other purposes as well. This can be a gateway to academe, as professor or assistant professor.

Online Programs
Online paralegal programs are the more convenient, cost-effective courses that can be pursued from home and require only an internet connection. Any type of program from the above three types can be completed through online program. The students are provided with modules and interactive lessons, besides assignments from instructors that are to be submitted by a deadline. Most certification curricula also have message boards and forums for students to interact with each other. These degrees are equally accepted by employers as the other degrees.

Choosing the right program is always a student’s prerogative but a mentor or faculty can help in deciding better. For people who work full-time or are in college, online course can be the best option. Those working part-time can obtain an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree.

Assistance in choosing programs can be obtained from various sources including State and local bar associations, paralegal associations, local college and universities, individual legal assistants, attorneys, law firms to name a few. Websites including can provide all the information just by the click of a few buttons.

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