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Probation Officer Training

Probation Officer
Before understanding about Probation Officer Training, it is better to understand whom a Probation Officer actually is and what all job functions he is supposed to perform. In many cases, a culprit is not sent to jail but is placed on probation. Also, after a prisoner completes his jail term, he might be placed on a probation. There are several different clauses or terms that he might need to fulfill including staying in his house or moving within a specific surroundings, undergoing a drug or alcohol rehab course or doing social service for a fixed number of days to name a few. A probation officer is required to stay in contact with the individual as well as his family members and ensure that the convict completes his probation period in the right manner without violating the order of the court. Now this calls for special training for the officer.

Probation Officer Training Includes:

The different skills that are taught during the training period includes:
• Communication skills
• Working with technical instruments which they would use during work
• Understanding laws of the state
• Social phenomenon
• Criminal Behavior
• Other Aspects of Crime

Becoming a Probation Officer

In order to become a Probation officer, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in the field.

The degrees may include:
• Criminal Justice
• Counseling
• Psychology
• Justice Administration

A few schools offer master’s degree in the field as well.

Certification Exam
A person needs to clear the certification exam in order to become a probation officer. However, before sitting for the certification exam, he needs to undergo Probation Officer Training under the guidance of an expert that lasts for months depending on the capabilities of the individual. This is organized by the state government. The certification exam include the sections that check the physical ability, written skills, oral skills and psychological appropriateness in order to ensure that the person would be able to perform the job well. After clearing the exam, a new probation officer is teamed up with a veteran of the field for a period of about one year before letting him work on his own.

Also, the individual must be 21 to 37 years of age in order to become a Probation Officer.

Skills Required to Undertake Probation Officer Training:
• Excellent and quick learning abilities
• Skill to work in close relation with the trainer
• Communication Skills
• Writing Skills

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