Criminal Justice Schools by State

Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation, popularly known as CSI, is a group of people responsible for collecting evidence and processing crime scenes. It is a law enforcement agency that specializes in the documentation of the crime scene and the maintenance of the integrity of the evidence that will help solve a case. There are a number of things that a Crime Scene Investigator needs to do in order to solve a case. These include documentation, examination of the body, and collection and analysis of evidence.

Documentation in Crime Scene Investigation is very important. It involves sketches, photographs, videos and written notes. CSI technicians use measurements in order to record the location of objects accurately and take note special conditions transitory to the crime such as a specific smell. They also document the scene and focus on evidence collection. Moreover, they take photographs of the scene and the evidences as well.

Examination of the body is conducted by the Crime Scene Investigation unit for crimes such as murder. Although the unit is not involved in the autopsy, they analyze the condition and position of the body and collect evidence. They document whether the victim is fully clothed or not, and if there is any sign of decomposition and to what extent. They also note injuries, activity, blood stains, positioning and other important details.

After the documentation of the crime scene, the Crime Scene Investigation technicians collect evidence. Using specific search patterns, they cannot miss any evidence. The main goal of evidence collection is preservation of the evidence. Evidence includes shoe and tire impressions, hair, dirt, bodily fluids, fibres, fingerprints or any item that may identify the suspect. Then they analyze the evidence using scientific techniques such as toxicology testing, microscopic examination, fingerprint comparisons and DNA testing.

Crime Scene Investigation is a challenging profession. In order to become a crime scene investigator, one must have knowledge about law enforcement. Knowledge and skills can be acquired through proper education and trainings. offers training and education for aspiring CSI technicians. By simply studying online, one will be able to do their job, update himself, and help solve a case.

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Online Training and Opportunities for Bailiffs

Many people are unaware of the concept of a bailiffs role in criminal justice. Aside from court dramas and reality television programs, bailiffs might not have crossed the average person's path. However, bailiffs are very important to the criminal (and civil) justice system in the United States, with police, security, bouncer and more merged into one job. In most courtrooms in this country, bailiffs protect the judge, witnesses, visitors, attorneys and even defendants from harm by checking for weapons and contraband.

The bailiff is the last line of defense for judges serving the community hearing cases; in fact, bailiffs jump into action to deal with anyone being disruptive inside the courtroom including jurors, visitors, witnesses or defendants. One thing is just like the TV role: bailiffs perform the swearing-in of witnesses and defendants before testimony, one of the most important components of any case. It is an important job and a great career to get trained for right away.

Completing an online associate or other degree/certificate program in criminal justice, law enforcement, corrections, public safety and related areas of expertise is the best way to get going into the field and some programs are available for fast track training and easy full-time completion. Some students prefer part-time training so they can continue working while getting prepared for their career.

With online training a bailiff can get to work as young as 18 to 21 provided they have a clean criminal record and the physical and mental strength to handle the duties described above. Bailiffs perform a powerful and important role in the courtroom and in criminal justice and earn a great starting salary; however, people with experience as a bailiff and a degree can continue to expand their education and perform other roles in law enforcement.

Bailiffs have many other roles that are less known but open even more doors for employment. In many areas bailiffs perform roles like police marshals including guarding prisoners and witnesses in hospitals, executing arrest warrants including searching to put people in custody, keeping jurors isolated from the public and calming people during repossession and other times of personal loss experienced by people.

Bailiffs are the points of contact where the public interfaces with the court and the justice system. With this great responsibility, bailiffs must serve with a clean-cut appearance and maintain extremely courteous and professional behavior in all areas of their lives. The bailiffs in court stand for a long time as court takes place and require patience and dedication. A person with the desire to get into this field can get to work very quickly with an online degree.

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Career Possibilities with Computer Forensics Degree

Computer forensics degree is one of the fastest growing fields in criminal justice. We all know that there’s no dodging criminal activity in our society. As long as there are people out there that have a imbalanced sense of law and order, we’ll always have criminals among us. Moreover, we all know that this problem is not leaving us anytime soon. It has always been part of the world as long as mankind has existed.

Having said this, you can surely put two and two together and understand the importance for criminal justice studies. Over the years, the number of criminals has drastically increased to an uncontrollable level. What’s more, they’ve been finding more new ways of attacking our community and taking advantage of technology. For this reason, the need for the computer forensics degree is continuously on the rise.

If you’re interested in this field, the first thing for you to do will be to enroll in a criminal justice school that offers computer forensics degrees and training courses. However, before you enroll in the program, it is advisable that you take the time to research the different career possibilities available. This way, you can specialize in a specific area of the computer forensics degree or program.

The following are some good career possibilities:

Law Firms
The thought of working in the law or with a law firm excites most people. If you’re up for the job of facing criminals, then you should seriously consider completing a computer forensics degree. Computer forensics will surely be a good option for you if you’re interested in law enforcement.

Comparatively, working in a law firm will not pay you as much as working in a private company or as a freelance consultant. However, it will greatly improve your future prospects and pave your way for a more successful route.

Private Companies
The possibilities are quite many when it comes to private companies. The first thing you should be aware of in this case is that you’ll get the chance to work for a company directly. Most of the larger private companies usually have IT departments, which often also have security departments. Such companies generally require the services of an expert who holds a computer forensics degree. Your role in such a company will be to ensure the security of their network, information, and also to track any possible breaches in the computer security. Your pay and prospects will be quite impressive in this field in the future.

Freelance Consulting
Another interesting option will be to go into freelance consulting. This way, you can own a business or company of your own. You can offer consulting services to other companies. Your services can include tracing data or thefts on the networks of the companies that are hiring you. Freelance consulting has a lot of advantages. The basic advantage is that it attracts large amounts of income. Another benefit is that you get to stay in one field for a long period of time.

Working as a freelance consultant gives people the added benefit of extra work experience. Your demand as a freelance consultant will be much more than that of someone who has freshly graduated from a computer forensics degree.

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Information on Paralegal Certification

Paralegals are professionals that perform different kinds of legal tasks. Their basic responsibilities include writing briefs, conducting research and working under or with licensed attorneys. People usually confuse paralegals with legal assistants and secretaries. However, paralegals generally undergo more advanced levels of training. They are expected to complete a bachelor’s degree, as well as a post-baccalaureate paralegal certification program.

Undergraduate Certification Programs
Undergraduate paralegal certification programs are now available in most colleges and universities that offer legal and criminal justice programs. The interesting thing is that there are many online universities and colleges available today. This has brought an easier means of obtaining a certification for those who wish to make a career in paralegal studies.

Undergraduate certification programs are available for different educational levels, ranging from high school education to bachelor’s degrees. The curricula of most of the universities and colleges cover some basic courses involved in the legal system. However, more emphasis is laid on drafting legal documents and carrying out legal research. Fresh paralegal students are initially introduced to some major areas of criminology, such as, criminal law, torts, contracts and real estate.

Most employers prefer the idea of hiring legal assistants and paralegals in their firms. They emphasize more on hiring people that have completed a paralegal certification program.

Basic Requirements and Prerequisites
The admission requirements for paralegal degrees and programs vary from institution to institution. Some colleges may require high school diplomas or equivalents, while others may require a prior completion of an associate’s degree. Moreover, some universities might offer undergraduate programs for only those that are currently undergoing a bachelor’s program. The entire study period can last for about 3 to 4 years.

Paralegal certification programs give students a solid foundation in the criminal justice field. Students get a clear understanding of the basic concepts and terminology involved. The basic coursework comprises of:

• Legal Terminology
• Introduction to Law
• Legal Research
• Legal Writing
• Criminal Litigation
• Civil Litigation

Paralegal Post-Baccalaureate Certification
Post-baccalaureate certifications offer training sessions for the core skills expected of a paralegal. Additionally, the training also covers paralegal advice and job placement assistance. Students are also free to take up courses like common law and natural law, which allow them to be a part of legal teams in the future.

Basic Requirements and Prerequisites
Students are required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in order to gain admission into post-baccalaureate paralegal certification programs. Moreover, they must be proficient in spoken and written English, and must have a sound knowledge on the usage of computers and the internet.

Paralegal post-baccalaureate certification programs are quite similar to undergraduate certification programs. Their coursework includes:

• Legal Technology
• Court Rules
• Discovery and Research
• Legal Ethics
• Etiquette of Law Offices

Future Outlook and Income
Paralegals are usually employed by private law organizations, government agencies, title insurance organizations, real estate firms, banks, insurance firms and corporate legal departments. Students with paralegal certification or degrees are always given a priority in such firms. In addition, the salary packages offered are always very impressive.

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Choosing Between Online Law Enforcement Schools

When a person is pulled over by the police for a driving offense they would expect the police officer to act in a professional manner. They expect that the officer knows how to do their job. This is something that people not only expect of the police officers on the street, but something they expect from all law enforcement officials. People pay for the salaries of law enforcement officials with their tax dollars and they expect to have people who know how to do their job.

There is some on-the-job training that law enforcement officials get, but they also need to have a degree or certificate for many of the different jobs in law enforcement. The good thing for interested parties is that there are many schools that offer these types of programs. It has become very popular to turn to online schools that offer degrees and certificates in various law enforcement professions.

If a person decides to go to school to help them improve their career, they are making a smart decision. The education that a person gets can never be taken away from them. The field of law enforcement provides many opportunities and they have something that will interest almost everyone.

It can be difficult to find the right school to get the training that a person wants, but there are a few things that a person can look for to make their search a little easier. Online schools that offer law enforcement programs provide a flexible option for many people. If a person does not have the ability to attend a traditional program because of time or other commitments they can turn to online programs. These programs are respected and accepted by most agencies. They have been proven to be effective over time and people should not worry about using an online training program over traditional brick-and-mortar establishments.

A person should make sure they check the reputation of the online school that they are going to use. Many online schools are linked to traditional schools and that can be a good sign. A person can check with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau or the accreditation services for the area the school is located in to find out about the school’s reputation. They can also talk to a representative at the school to ask any questions they have.

When a person is looking for the right school for law enforcement training, they need to make a list of what they expect from the program. They should come up with a list of questions. When they find the school that answers those questions well, they might have found the right place for them.

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Get the Best Private Investigator Training Online

The job of a private investigator is not exactly what many people think it is. There are usually no car chases, gun fights or other dangerous and exciting moments involved in this profession. There is a lot of time spent going over small details and watching and waiting for something to happen. Despite the lack of excitement, it is a profession that is very rewarding for a lot of people and a lot of fun too.

There are many online schools that offer private investigator training. These schools will allow a person to learn many different aspects of the profession and when they finish the program they will be prepared to work as a private investigator in different industries. The best online schools will help a person find a job that is suitable for them.

There are many companies that use people who have had private investigator training for different roles. The companies want people who can investigate a potential employee’s background. Companies spend a lot of money hiring and training their employees, and background checks have taken on a lot of significance in the hiring decision.

Another area of training that people can get from online schools is private investigation for insurance companies. Private investigators play a key role in the insurance industry. They can find out whether a person is making a legitimate claim or if they are trying to commit fraud against the insurance company. The private investigators’ findings will go a long way in determining how much a person is paid for their insurance claim.

If a person has the proper training they will find many opportunities in this field. Private investigators will often have background in other fields that help them with the work they do. Knowledge of accounting or computers are skills that can be invaluable to a private investigator. If a person wants to be employed by a larger company they will need to make sure they get the best training they can to make them attractive to the big companies.

There are some people who wish to become independent private investigators. There are plenty of people who will hire the services of a private investigator to learn about what their spouse is doing or to find out some other information that is important to them. The right training will teach a person how to accomplish these things as well. It might not be as exciting as the movies make it seem, but with the right private investigator training a person can have a rewarding and enjoyable career either working for themselves or for a large company.

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Earning a Degree in Public Safety is Rewarding and Easy with an Online Program

Public safety is an area of really rapid growth in employment as the government works to improve law enforcement, respond to disasters more effectively and fight terror threats. Earning a degree online is a great start to a long-lasting and rewarding career protecting people with quick responses to safety threats and crime investigations. Most people do not even think about the professionals that protect them in stores, at malls, on the streets and even in bus stations; however, the visibility of higher-profile roles at the Transportation Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security reminds them that public safety is an important role.

There are great careers in public safety for every personality type. Creative people find investigative roles very intriguing while the logical analytic and organizational types enjoy management roles. Those people with a mix of both creative and hard logic fascination can get involved in planning and research.

Public safety online degrees are available in Criminal Investigations, Homeland Security, Social and Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice, Organizational Management, Fire Science, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Cybercrime Studies, Digital Investigation, Information Assurance, Criminal Justice - Terrorism, Public Safety and Emergency Management and more! With degrees available at the associate's, bachelor's, master's, and PhD levels, the only real question is what a person's commitment in time to education is.

Most of these online programs start at any time and offer opportunities for full-time and part-time (self-paced) education. Whether a student chooses a fast track 18 month associate's degree program or builds onto their existing bachelor's degree with a MBA in Homeland Security, better qualifications make better jobs easy to get right away.

In most cities, towns and even small villages, there are shortages of law enforcement and public safety professionals. With roles from part-time security professionals at banks to airport security technology analysts, a degree in public safety at any level is a great way to get going in or advance an existing career in the field.

Prospective students with degrees in other fields can bridge their educational experience over to the new field and earn a public safety degree at the same level even more quickly because they can skip the core courses already completed successfully. There is no reason to wait since programs often accept financial aid requests and can get approval very quickly. Students should compare programs, review options, consider costs, analyze financial aid options and get going as quickly as possible in a career that means more than just a paycheck.

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Probation Officer Training Online

The field of criminal justice is one of the fastest growing areas in the economy today. There is a huge demand for qualified professionals in all aspects of criminal justice, from court reporters to correctional officers, police and homeland security staff.

One of the most interesting jobs in the field is that of probation officer. Probation officers, also known as parole officers, are tasked with supervising people released from imprisonment or who have been sentenced to non-custodial punishments such as community service. They can also have a role in the sentencing process, compiling reports and making recommendations.

Training for probation officers is widely available. Generally, a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, justice administration or a related field is required, and a master’s degree is encouraged. These degrees are offered by many colleges and universities, both in person and online, and are typically four-year programs. Adding a master’s degree extends the learning process by a year or two. Some community and online colleges offer an associate’s degree, which would allow the student to enter the field and gain experience while continuing their education.

Most of these programs have an internship component as well, which gives the student exposure to actual working conditions during their training period. Many states have licensing and certification programs that must be completed prior to starting work as a probation officer. These programs are sponsored by the state and generally include a combination of class study and practical work in self-defense, human relations and the various aspects of the law. Once the certification examination is taken and passed, the graduate may then work in the field, sometimes under the supervision of an experienced probation officer for the first year or so.

Graduated probation officers typically work on the city, county or state level. There is no probation at the federal courts level, although a few officers are required to supervise long-term parolees and court-martialed military personnel. The typical work for a probation officer involves managing a portfolio of several offenders, staying in regular contact with them and assuring that they are meeting the terms of their probation. This could include random visits and searches, testing for alcohol and drug use and ensuring compliance with all court orders.

The position requires the ability to deal with a highly diverse population, patience, and high level communication and decision-making skills. Crisis management is a key skill for probation officers, who must be able to decide and act quickly when dealing with sometimes-volatile people.

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Learn to Solve Disputes with Mediation Training

Mediation continues to be an ever-growing profession in today’s health and legal sector, and the training for becoming a mediator varies in depth. There are five main user groups which have been associated with mediation training – including attorneys, therapists, social workers and even human resource managers. The whole point of mediation is to help settle conflict and disputes. Conflict remains a large part of cultural and civilization it is even said to be in our blood. As a species we thrive on it so having someone who can mediate the whole affair between two parties can be beneficial.

Right now, mediation is a profession in which there are plenty of jobs open. Not only can you find a position as a mediator with a company, but you can also go into business for yourself. With the proper education and degree you can become certified in mediation and even open up your own office and practice.

The ability to set you own hours and even your own rate of pay can be quite liberating. However before you can get to that stage you need a proper education, and classes and courses can be rather time consuming and expensive. If one were to look online they would find that courses for mediation online are actually cheaper. This is because online schools do not have a large overhead which they need to pay, as oppose to brick and mortar universities. This affords them the chance to offer their courses for a cheaper price.

Someone who wants to be a mediator will need a legal education in law. Taking an online course and classes can be helpful; it allows you to schedule your education around your personal life. You can take courses and classes when it is beneficial to you. Some people balk when it comes to the idea of taking an online course but they are missing out on the benefits of online courses.

Today more and more people are taking online courses and online schooling is becoming more and more accepted by employers and the world in general. One can even finish one’s education faster than if they were taking courses offline in a brick and mortar college. The ability to do your course work in the privacy of your own home is easy and rewarding.

Once you graduate and have your diploma for your time in class you can set out and begin your rewarding career as a practitioner of mediation.

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The Exciting Career of Cyber Security

Cyber security is becoming more prevalent with the increased importance of online transactions and the corresponding internet hacking that is commonplace these days. Computer hackers can get a hold of all different types of personal files by gaining access to other people's computers, especially businesses. Recently, a group of hackers even hacked into the FBI website and shut it down just for spite.

If someone can hack into the FBI site then cyber crime is a serious issue. It is an invasion of privacy because anyone who can hack into a personal computer has access to banking account numbers, passwords, and all sorts of other private information. Also, someone who has hacked into a doctor's computer can have access to all medical files of all patients and possibly payment methods that reveal checking account numbers.

There has been a serious crackdown on this type of activity and even jobs have been created to combat this type of ongoing threat. It is called cyber security. Regular computer users can provide themselves with minimal security defenses while cyber security experts are trained to handle even the toughest hackers and create and design a security plan for major businesses who cannot afford for their files to reach the hands of the hackers.

If you have an interest in analyzing and designing a plan to protect computer information and keep hackers from successfully breaching systems then you should be interested in a job in cyber security. This means you are a type of cyber police where you research the newest ways to protect customers and keep their systems free of malicious people attempting to access you or your customers’ important data.

First, it would benefit you if you took some college level computer science classes but if you are already just a natural at understanding computers then you could skip that step and go straight to the next one which is obtaining a certificate stating that you are officially a cyber security expert. Once you have the required credentials then you may choose to apply at any IT firm that has the need for someone in your field. You will be able to have a lucrative job, and a job you enjoy doing. Plus, you will be helping the nation with this ongoing problem of computer crime, and be able to go home at the end of the day knowing that you have made a difference.

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Become an Airport Security Officer and Earn Money Protecting People

A growing field with real "job security" happens to involve airport security. Airport security officer positions are open and hiring all across the country and available to people who take the time to get the proper education to detect risks and dangers to the public. With an associate degree in criminal justice available in less than 24 months, people can get into these important roles to help protect travelers. Men and women can also elevate their careers by advancing to bachelors or higher degrees in criminal justice and related fields.

Professional training includes protecting airport passengers and employees from unauthorized access and abandoned items, handling emergencies calmly, monitoring closed-circuit television feeds, helping people move quickly through security check points while maintaining high customer service, and more. With programs available that start monthly, interested persons can get started on the path to their associate criminal justice degree and career as a professional airport security officer at almost any time.

Online programs for community colleges and private technical schools are available in all areas each offering years of experience teaching criminal justice procedures; indeed, the current programs are incorporating the latest technology and methods for contraband and dangerous materials detections. The best training is available right now for people who have completed high school and are ready to get into school full-time; however, most programs accept part-time students who are working and cannot devote as much time.

If people already have experience or a degree in any field, it is possible to get right into a great job at the airport working with the Transportation Security Administration or the Department of Homeland Security. These careers are rewarding financially and are truly a service to the country, citizens and tourists. There are some basic requirements for all applicants to these programs including United States citizenship or permanent residence approval, physical fitness and a completely clean criminal background.

Candidates for these degree programs and the airport security industry should have strong communication skills, great understanding of legal operations, investigative techniques and the willingness to learn and adapt as required. The job environment can involve great stress due to constantly evolving events and requires patience, as many activities must be logged throughout the day and tracked.

People with a positive attitude and thick skin are great candidates for this career, as frustrated travelers can rudely respond to delays in travel and sometimes offer verbal attacks. Dedicated, caring professionals can confidently choose this career and rapidly get trained, get to work and serve the community in a positive way.

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Help People with a Career as a Substance Abuse Counselor

If you have been looking to build a career in criminal justice and looking for the right course to do, you could definitely consider taking up courses that will provide you the opportunity to become an authorized substance abuse counselor. Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors provide counseling services to people addicted to alcohol, drugs, and gambling. The requirement for such counselors has shown a substantial increase in the last few years and is expected to grow further in the coming years.

Counseling sessions are available for individuals, families and groups. Rehabilitation counselors for providing treatment to clients addicted to drugs, racing and gambling and counselors working in community centers providing counseling to behavioral disorders and mental health disorder are the two major categories of counselors.

People interested in making a career in counseling need to have certain attributes such as sufficient physical and mental strength and the patience to provide quality services to the affected parties. If you have all the required attributes, then you could go ahead and complete the qualifying degree or master’s degree in the relevant subject.

Most of states look for master’s degree from the candidates seeking a career in counseling. For the required license, states look for a master’s degree. For those with a bachelor’s degree, there are options of working as an associate aide to the main counselor and also as a social worker. You have to choose a course that is accredited by Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). Some of the schools that offer CACREP accredited criminal justice degree include Kaplan University, University of phoenix, Argosy university online, University of Rockies, Walden University, Grand Canyon university, Keiser university, North Central university, Baker college online, South University online and Ashworth college.

In terms of the earning potential, government employers provide the maximum salary to qualified counselors. Hospitals and social welfare centers provides salaries that are slightly less than the salary provided by the government. Residential care facilities provide the lowest salary among the different employment options.

The job outlook for people completing their graduation or post graduation is getting better by the year and there is also a need to fill vacancies which are being left behind by people retiring from service and also those who seek voluntary retirement. There are a number of online job boards that lists all counselor and social worker jobs. You could register with an online job board and search for openings in your preferred location.

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Why Go Into Law Enforcement?

Law enforcement refers to the system in which the appointed members work to promote among the people of the society the adherence to the law. They discover and take legal action against the people who violate the rules and norms of the governing body. These members are the officials who are engaged in surveillance to discover and control criminal activities. They are also the officers involved in investigating crimes and apprehending offenders. With the growing crime and offenders in the society, the need for Law enforcers is also increasing in the modern times.

Course Structure
Law Enforcement Schools provide the candidates the required training necessary for the job. The course structure include various modules of General Law enforcement concepts like Crime, Criminal intelligence, Criminal justice and Criminal law to name a few. Training is also provided about the Law enforcement equipments including Armour, Police duty belt, Police radio, Police vehicle and about law enforcement techniques and procedures like Bait car, Baton charge, Body cavity search and Crime analysis.

Job Prospects
The demand for law enforcement specialists has seen a huge rise in the recent past. The options for you to choose as a career are immense and the salary varies accordingly. For example, those on police supervisory positions or detective spots earn $54,000 to $84,000 annually on average. Investigation agents in supervisory roles can earn up to $131,000 per year. Other career options in this field include:

• Child, Family and School Social Workers
• Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teachers
• Detectives and Criminal Investigators
• Supervisors of Police and Detectives
• Patrol Officers

Students who are interested in this field can start narrowing down their choice of school depending on the degree or certifications they are willing to obtain. Then they should focus on the specialties they want to learn and the schools that provide the same. The potential internships with law enforcement agencies and final placements after degree or certificate completion that the institute provides should be a major deciding variable in the choice of the law enforcement school.

The Eligibility
The eligibility for this course is majorly strong and outgoing personalities, who are capable of taking control of situations. Problem-solving attitude and people skills are crucial for this course. In addition, a good physical condition is needed for effectively functioning in this field. Online courses for law enforcement can prove to be a good option for students as they can tailor their learning requirements and aspirations as per their time availability, location, schedule and the learning pace that they are comfortable with. For queries and discussions, students can do direct interaction with the instructors via emails, toll free phone lines and discussion boards.

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All You Need to Know about Criminology

What is Criminology?
Criminology is the scientific study of crime, its nature, its causes and the various forms of criminal behavior. It looks into the overall picture of the crime. This includes the societal behavior towards the criminal, criminal statistics, the justice system, prevention of crime, role of society in the prevention of crime and a comprehensive study of human psychology behind all kinds of crime like theft, violence, drug dealing, youth crime, juvenile delinquency, property crime and terrorism. If you are looking for a degree in criminology, you must know that each institution has its own syllabus, so find out which course is most suitable for you.

What Do You Study in Criminology?
In criminology you study subjects such as psychology, forensic science and behavioral science. The syllabus of the course varies depending on the type of qualification you are seeking. It is an interdisciplinary subject which draws heavily from psychology, sociology and law. Major areas of study include causes of crime, prevention of crime, crime statistics, criminal behavior, criminology, evaluation of criminal justice agencies, and sociology of law to name a few. There are various courses available in criminology starting from some short term certificate courses to undergraduate degrees, post graduate degrees and post doctorate degrees.

Benefits of Studying Criminology
With the increasing incidents of crime, criminology has become a popular course. The study of causes and consequences of criminal acts is becoming more and more relevant in today’s society. Young minds who have interest in human psychology can opt for this line. One gets to study the deviations in human mind. Those who have interest in such studies should know that there is much scope in this field.

How to Obtain a Degree in Criminology?
There are various schools which offer certificate courses and degrees in criminology. The seeking applicant can either go for a regular course in an institution or can go in for an online course. The online courses are given more preference due to the great convenience offered. One can study from the comfort of his home. It saves time and allows you to pursue other studies at the same time.

Career in Criminology
There are various professions and academic fields in which the knowledge of criminology can be applied. If you want to pursue academic career after obtaining a degree in criminology, you can choose to be a teacher of criminology or legal studies, law and sociology. Other job prospects include:

• Crime Intelligence Analyst
• Law Reform Researcher
• Law Enforcement and Investigating
• Crime Prevention Coordinator
• Consumer advocate

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Crime Scene Investigator Salary

Probably the first thing that comes to the mind when you hear about Crime Scene Investigator is his earnings. The job is certainly interesting yet demanding. He needs to reach the crime scene as soon as possible irrespective of the time of the day or night. He might need to work for long durations as per the demands of the case.

Careful and detailed examination of the crime scene is to be done and evidences collected. These can help a lot in understanding what exactly happened at the crime spot and who is the guilty. Contrary to the popular belief, they do not just sit in the air conditioned rooms on computer, but are a key point in solving any case.

The place of work may or may not be to your liking. A crime at a graveyard would mean that you visit there and collect all that would help the investigators in reaching to the criminal. The job is by no means a glamorous one as shown in most TV programs or movies. The Crime Scene Investigator must be ready to work at any place, at any time and in any condition.

This is the same reason why they are being paid the best salary among those who are related to crime investigation in one way or the other. The skill set required is also a rare one and is difficult to find. The person also needs to have analytical and logical skill.

The salary range varies at the state and Federal level. For those working for the state government can expect to earn around $30,000 per year to start with. The salary can go up to $47,000 per year as you gain experience.

For those working at the Federal level can expect to earn $30,000 and up to $83,000 per year with experience. The greatest news related to the profession is that the government is planning to increase the salary for those employed in the field in the times to come.

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Court Reporting Schools

Court reporting refers to the process of recording and noting the various details of the proceeding while the case is in progress in a courtroom. You listen carefully to all that is said by the witnesses, offender, lawyer and judge and accurately record their speeches. Courtroom reporting requires the reporter to be a good listener with above average typing skills. In addition, one must have good communication skills in order to report the matter correctly and precisely. Also, the reporter needs to be well versed with the legal terminology so as to understand the words used in the case properly. A courtroom reporter reproduces the entire courtroom dealings in an understandable form. Such reporting may be done for court trials, court hearings or even private meetings of an organization.

The Education
Various court reporting schools provide the required education for courtroom reporting. The course can be pursued in a community college or private colleges. The duration of the program varies from 10 months to 2 years. Through the course students are imparted the necessary knowledge and skills required to perform well during the courtroom proceedings. The main skills that are taught through these programs in court reporting schools include stenographic recording, electronic recording and voice writing to name a few.

The students are exposed to mock courtrooms where they can get a feel of the actual environment. The course can be used to obtain certificates and diplomas. Also degrees such as AA (associate of arts) and AS (associate of science) can be earned by completing the course.

Online Education
The court reporting schools offer the course in three main forms namely classroom, distance learning and online. The online course does not require you to physically attend the classes and you can schedule your studies according to you convenience.

While choosing a court reporting school one should keep certain points in mind so as to choose the best school for themselves. Primarily the school should have an accreditation from a well-recognized agency. The experience of the teachers of the school in their profession should be carefully checked and placement record of college should be kept in mind. The reputation of school can be checked by visiting the schools or its website and asking people who have studied there. These details are important as they can directly affect your job opportunities in this field.

After completing the course successfully, one can become either a court transcriber, court reporter or a legal secretary.

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How to Find Good Forensic Science Colleges Online

Forensics is a branch of science that uses evidence found in a crime scene to investigate questions of interest in a court of law. Forensics is used in both civil and criminal cases. The name is derived from the Latin word “forensis” which means before the forum. Forensic scientists serve both the prosecution and the defense team. Their primary goal is to use all the evidence and information to determine the truth. Expertise in physical sciences, biological sciences, DNA analysis, toxicology, and ballistics is required to assist juries, judges and attorneys.

A Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice along with a specialization in forensics is often required to work in this field. Both online and offline forensic programs are available. An online forensic program is ideal for working professionals. You only need to commit 12 hours per week. Students can attend the classes any time of the day. Campus attendance is not required.

A Bachelors degree in police training helps you to qualify for senior positions in police departments and other law enforcement agencies. A degree in homeland security gives you a great foundation in managing security operations. Learning computer forensics enables you to compile, preserve, retrieve and investigate digital media. Forensic computing plays an important role in international security. A Forensic science technician collects physical evidence from the crime scene. They also collect and analyze samples, reconstruct crime scenes, examine firearms, takes fingerprints and reports investigative findings. They work closely with police to solve crimes.

A number of accredited colleges offer forensic programs online. American Inter Continental University, Ashford University, Virginia College, Western International University, Kaplan University, Stratford Career Institute, Keiser University, Ashworth College, Post University, Bethel University, North Central University, Grand Canyon University, Charter College, Colorado Technical University, Urbana University and Everest College offer a wide range of certificates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programs online.

Forensic specialists include forensic psychologists, forensic toxicologist, forensic anthropologists, medical examiners, forensic odontologists, forensic nurses, forensic technicians, computer forensic specialists and crime scene investigators. The annual pay of a forensic specialist varies depending on the expertise, geographic location and experience. The median wage for a Crime Scene Investigator is $55,000. The Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Homeland Security, New York Police Department and Environmental Protection Agency are hot employers. Forensic science is a very advanced and rapidly growing field.

Earning a forensic degree from a reputed college is the first step towards a rewarding and lucrative career.

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Exciting Advances in Modern Police Training

Historically law enforcement has been deeply rooted in the foundations of primitive governments and societies for hundreds of years, due to its essential presence in order to keep society from falling apart. Even more interesting is the fact that modern knowledge used by law enforcement agencies are still increasing at an exponential rate - due to scientific advances in psychology, biology, and sociological concepts.

In the past couple decades and even more modernly, the shift in attention of both science and media on the complex facets of criminal behavior, investigation, and subsequent judicial procedures has elicited an immense interest and growth in this scientific field.

Over the years we can observe how each discipline from a bio-psycho-social model has attributed to the overall apprehension and further understanding of deviant and criminal behaviors. Each perspective has large theoretical implications in law enforcement as a whole and subsequently it has also elevated the requirements for individuals seeking jobs in this rapidly growing occupational field of law enforcement.

More and more private and public agencies are seeking out college educated individuals to fill law enforcement positions that once only required a high school education. This effect may be attributed to the sheer influx of knowledge and relevant applicability that this field has gained in the last couple of decades. Law enforcement has been influenced a great deal by psychological research as a whole due to research in understanding the criminal psychopathology of criminals and their crimes in order to predict the future behaviors of specific individuals.

A great example of a psychological influence on law is the adoption of criminal profiling techniques, which are commonly used by forensic psychologists. These highly skilled and technical professionals usually spend many years in order to become successful in understanding the possible psychopathology of a specific criminal.

Biological advances can also attribute greatly in understanding the criminal psychopathology of a deviant as well. It also has even greater implications because it is a more concrete and objective measure that is used commonly as to provide more objective evidence that only 20 to 30 years ago never existed. This evidence usually manifests in the form of DNA, which can be tied to a suspected offender, allowing for a greater emphasis on advances in searching techniques and the ultimate conviction of a criminal.

As inter-disciplinary sciences continue to converge and overlap in their fields of research, we will inevitably begin to understand more thoroughly the etiology behind criminal motives and behaviors. By utilizing new research, it will allow for law enforcement to benefit in apprehending and convicting fugitives of the law and society.

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Obtaining a Law Degree Online

Advancing one’s education is a trend that echoes through the generations, and is no less important in today’s society. An education is the only sure way to finding a good job and making decent money. In our online technological age of wonder anyone can achieve a higher education from their home.

This makes gaining a higher education not only easier but also more affordable. The price one pays for standard school can be astronomical. This price is usually so high because of the school’s needs for upkeep and funding. This is why attending school online is cheaper than offline because an online school has little overhead which they need to accommodate for.

One of the most sought after online degrees are law degrees. A law degree can be just a stepping stone to something even more advanced. With a law degree one can then move on and major in areas such as criminal justice, police training and crime scene investigation. These three areas cover most of the judicial system and it all begins with a simple law degree.

Some of the top ten careers relate to having a law degree with such careers are an attorney, police officer, FBI agent and social worker to name but a few, law degrees are becoming even more sought after.

There are now many places online that you can find an education in law from accredited schools. Obtaining an online degree has some bad press but most of these negatives are misnomers. Some say that places of employment will not hire someone who has obtained their degree online – but this has rapidly become false. Obtaining a law degree is hard enough without having to worry about your own schedule and ability to pay.

Online providers where you can obtain a degree will help ease the burden of seeking post graduation employment once you have completed your course. Most offline schools don’t offer you that even with their high tuition costs.

In today’s society there is always going to be a call for people who know the law and who understand it. A field of study which never runs out of job opportunities or becomes saturated with people looking for work - one cannot go wrong with a degree in law. It is probably one of the most respected fields of education in the world and one which could be most rewarding and beneficial to you.

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Parole Officer Training is Vital to the Community

When people think of jobs in law enforcement their first thought is usually about the police officers that are there to serve and protect the citizens of a community. The police on the street only make up one part of all of the law enforcement personnel that it takes to maintain order in society. There are many other positions in law enforcement, and they are all important in their own way.

One field that people can get into in law enforcement is working as a parole officer. Parole officers have gotten specific parole officer training that helps them do their job. The parole officer is responsible for keeping track of people who have been convicted of a crime, but are able to remain in the community. They might have served time in jail for their crime and then their behavior is monitored when they are released to ensure that they are being productive members of the society.

One of the most important parts of parole officer training is organization. The parole officers will be responsible for many different parolees. They will have to make sure they have current information to be able to contact an individual. They will have to make sure the parolee have a job or have some legal way to earn a living. They will also need to keep a record of all of this information for all of the parolees that they are responsible for. The best parole officer training will teach the importance of this type of organizational skills. They will give the people who go through the training the tools to be able to perform this part of their job well.

Another important part of the training is learning how to deal with people. Parolees come in all shapes and sizes and a parole officer must be able to deal with them as unique individuals. They need to be able to relate to their parolees to form a relationship that will benefit the parolee and the community.

The community trusts the law enforcement officials in the position to make sure that the parolees do not cause any more trouble. If they fail at their job, someone can be hurt or property can be damaged. There is a lot at stake for anyone who does this job. A person can get very good training to become a parole officer online. They might already be in law enforcement in some capacity and to find a new and challenging career by getting the training is the best way to accomplish that.

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Television Has Made Crime Scene Investigation Training Popular

Some of the most popular television shows that are on the air today are based on the work that police do to investigate crimes. They show the incredible tools that investigators can use to help them find out who is responsible for a crime. These shows have helped increase the popularity of becoming a crime scene investigator exponentially.

The skilled technicians who perform crime scene investigation have received special training in several different fields that allow them to recreate a crime based on the evidence that is found at the scene. The investigators on television make it seem fairly easy. They have to, since the show usually only lasts an hour. In real life the job of crime scene investigation is a slow and methodical process, and it is important that the people involved perform their duties in the right way. If they do not, the evidence can be destroyed or it can be rendered useless in a court of law. The training that investigators have helps prevent that from happening.

There are many different schools that offer people the ability to get a degree in criminal investigation. There are both traditional schools and there are online schools. Some people might think that if they get this type of degree online that they will not be thought of very highly in the field. This could not be further from the truth. Online schools take advantage of the technology available to give their students all of the education and training they need to do the job of crime scene investigation well. When a person finishes the online course they will have the training and knowledge to effectively help investigate different cases.

The education is only the first part of the training for people in this field. Much of what the best investigators know is through experience. They will have seen similar situations in real life in the past that will help them with their job in the future. The job of crime scene investigation is one that relies heavily on the real life experience of the people who do it. An education is not enough by itself.

People who are interested in getting into this field might have been enticed by television shows. While it is exciting to be able to figure out how a crime occurred based on the evidence found at a crime scene, the job can also be tedious and at times a little boring. It is not as fast paced as the television shows, but it is certainly a great career.

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