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All You Need to Know about Criminology

What is Criminology?
Criminology is the scientific study of crime, its nature, its causes and the various forms of criminal behavior. It looks into the overall picture of the crime. This includes the societal behavior towards the criminal, criminal statistics, the justice system, prevention of crime, role of society in the prevention of crime and a comprehensive study of human psychology behind all kinds of crime like theft, violence, drug dealing, youth crime, juvenile delinquency, property crime and terrorism. If you are looking for a degree in criminology, you must know that each institution has its own syllabus, so find out which course is most suitable for you.

What Do You Study in Criminology?
In criminology you study subjects such as psychology, forensic science and behavioral science. The syllabus of the course varies depending on the type of qualification you are seeking. It is an interdisciplinary subject which draws heavily from psychology, sociology and law. Major areas of study include causes of crime, prevention of crime, crime statistics, criminal behavior, criminology, evaluation of criminal justice agencies, and sociology of law to name a few. There are various courses available in criminology starting from some short term certificate courses to undergraduate degrees, post graduate degrees and post doctorate degrees.

Benefits of Studying Criminology
With the increasing incidents of crime, criminology has become a popular course. The study of causes and consequences of criminal acts is becoming more and more relevant in today’s society. Young minds who have interest in human psychology can opt for this line. One gets to study the deviations in human mind. Those who have interest in such studies should know that there is much scope in this field.

How to Obtain a Degree in Criminology?
There are various schools which offer certificate courses and degrees in criminology. The seeking applicant can either go for a regular course in an institution or can go in for an online course. The online courses are given more preference due to the great convenience offered. One can study from the comfort of his home. It saves time and allows you to pursue other studies at the same time.

Career in Criminology
There are various professions and academic fields in which the knowledge of criminology can be applied. If you want to pursue academic career after obtaining a degree in criminology, you can choose to be a teacher of criminology or legal studies, law and sociology. Other job prospects include:

• Crime Intelligence Analyst
• Law Reform Researcher
• Law Enforcement and Investigating
• Crime Prevention Coordinator
• Consumer advocate

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