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Become an Airport Security Officer and Earn Money Protecting People

A growing field with real "job security" happens to involve airport security. Airport security officer positions are open and hiring all across the country and available to people who take the time to get the proper education to detect risks and dangers to the public. With an associate degree in criminal justice available in less than 24 months, people can get into these important roles to help protect travelers. Men and women can also elevate their careers by advancing to bachelors or higher degrees in criminal justice and related fields.

Professional training includes protecting airport passengers and employees from unauthorized access and abandoned items, handling emergencies calmly, monitoring closed-circuit television feeds, helping people move quickly through security check points while maintaining high customer service, and more. With programs available that start monthly, interested persons can get started on the path to their associate criminal justice degree and career as a professional airport security officer at almost any time.

Online programs for community colleges and private technical schools are available in all areas each offering years of experience teaching criminal justice procedures; indeed, the current programs are incorporating the latest technology and methods for contraband and dangerous materials detections. The best training is available right now for people who have completed high school and are ready to get into school full-time; however, most programs accept part-time students who are working and cannot devote as much time.

If people already have experience or a degree in any field, it is possible to get right into a great job at the airport working with the Transportation Security Administration or the Department of Homeland Security. These careers are rewarding financially and are truly a service to the country, citizens and tourists. There are some basic requirements for all applicants to these programs including United States citizenship or permanent residence approval, physical fitness and a completely clean criminal background.

Candidates for these degree programs and the airport security industry should have strong communication skills, great understanding of legal operations, investigative techniques and the willingness to learn and adapt as required. The job environment can involve great stress due to constantly evolving events and requires patience, as many activities must be logged throughout the day and tracked.

People with a positive attitude and thick skin are great candidates for this career, as frustrated travelers can rudely respond to delays in travel and sometimes offer verbal attacks. Dedicated, caring professionals can confidently choose this career and rapidly get trained, get to work and serve the community in a positive way.

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