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Court reporting refers to the process of recording and noting the various details of the proceeding while the case is in progress in a courtroom. You listen carefully to all that is said by the witnesses, offender, lawyer and judge and accurately record their speeches. Courtroom reporting requires the reporter to be a good listener with above average typing skills. In addition, one must have good communication skills in order to report the matter correctly and precisely. Also, the reporter needs to be well versed with the legal terminology so as to understand the words used in the case properly. A courtroom reporter reproduces the entire courtroom dealings in an understandable form. Such reporting may be done for court trials, court hearings or even private meetings of an organization.

The Education
Various court reporting schools provide the required education for courtroom reporting. The course can be pursued in a community college or private colleges. The duration of the program varies from 10 months to 2 years. Through the course students are imparted the necessary knowledge and skills required to perform well during the courtroom proceedings. The main skills that are taught through these programs in court reporting schools include stenographic recording, electronic recording and voice writing to name a few.

The students are exposed to mock courtrooms where they can get a feel of the actual environment. The course can be used to obtain certificates and diplomas. Also degrees such as AA (associate of arts) and AS (associate of science) can be earned by completing the course.

Online Education
The court reporting schools offer the course in three main forms namely classroom, distance learning and online. The online course does not require you to physically attend the classes and you can schedule your studies according to you convenience.

While choosing a court reporting school one should keep certain points in mind so as to choose the best school for themselves. Primarily the school should have an accreditation from a well-recognized agency. The experience of the teachers of the school in their profession should be carefully checked and placement record of college should be kept in mind. The reputation of school can be checked by visiting the schools or its website and asking people who have studied there. These details are important as they can directly affect your job opportunities in this field.

After completing the course successfully, one can become either a court transcriber, court reporter or a legal secretary.

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