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Crime Scene Investigation, popularly known as CSI, is a group of people responsible for collecting evidence and processing crime scenes. It is a law enforcement agency that specializes in the documentation of the crime scene and the maintenance of the integrity of the evidence that will help solve a case. There are a number of things that a Crime Scene Investigator needs to do in order to solve a case. These include documentation, examination of the body, and collection and analysis of evidence.

Documentation in Crime Scene Investigation is very important. It involves sketches, photographs, videos and written notes. CSI technicians use measurements in order to record the location of objects accurately and take note special conditions transitory to the crime such as a specific smell. They also document the scene and focus on evidence collection. Moreover, they take photographs of the scene and the evidences as well.

Examination of the body is conducted by the Crime Scene Investigation unit for crimes such as murder. Although the unit is not involved in the autopsy, they analyze the condition and position of the body and collect evidence. They document whether the victim is fully clothed or not, and if there is any sign of decomposition and to what extent. They also note injuries, activity, blood stains, positioning and other important details.

After the documentation of the crime scene, the Crime Scene Investigation technicians collect evidence. Using specific search patterns, they cannot miss any evidence. The main goal of evidence collection is preservation of the evidence. Evidence includes shoe and tire impressions, hair, dirt, bodily fluids, fibres, fingerprints or any item that may identify the suspect. Then they analyze the evidence using scientific techniques such as toxicology testing, microscopic examination, fingerprint comparisons and DNA testing.

Crime Scene Investigation is a challenging profession. In order to become a crime scene investigator, one must have knowledge about law enforcement. Knowledge and skills can be acquired through proper education and trainings. offers training and education for aspiring CSI technicians. By simply studying online, one will be able to do their job, update himself, and help solve a case.

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