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The Exciting Career of Cyber Security

Cyber security is becoming more prevalent with the increased importance of online transactions and the corresponding internet hacking that is commonplace these days. Computer hackers can get a hold of all different types of personal files by gaining access to other people's computers, especially businesses. Recently, a group of hackers even hacked into the FBI website and shut it down just for spite.

If someone can hack into the FBI site then cyber crime is a serious issue. It is an invasion of privacy because anyone who can hack into a personal computer has access to banking account numbers, passwords, and all sorts of other private information. Also, someone who has hacked into a doctor's computer can have access to all medical files of all patients and possibly payment methods that reveal checking account numbers.

There has been a serious crackdown on this type of activity and even jobs have been created to combat this type of ongoing threat. It is called cyber security. Regular computer users can provide themselves with minimal security defenses while cyber security experts are trained to handle even the toughest hackers and create and design a security plan for major businesses who cannot afford for their files to reach the hands of the hackers.

If you have an interest in analyzing and designing a plan to protect computer information and keep hackers from successfully breaching systems then you should be interested in a job in cyber security. This means you are a type of cyber police where you research the newest ways to protect customers and keep their systems free of malicious people attempting to access you or your customers’ important data.

First, it would benefit you if you took some college level computer science classes but if you are already just a natural at understanding computers then you could skip that step and go straight to the next one which is obtaining a certificate stating that you are officially a cyber security expert. Once you have the required credentials then you may choose to apply at any IT firm that has the need for someone in your field. You will be able to have a lucrative job, and a job you enjoy doing. Plus, you will be helping the nation with this ongoing problem of computer crime, and be able to go home at the end of the day knowing that you have made a difference.

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