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Forensics is a branch of science that uses evidence found in a crime scene to investigate questions of interest in a court of law. Forensics is used in both civil and criminal cases. The name is derived from the Latin word “forensis” which means before the forum. Forensic scientists serve both the prosecution and the defense team. Their primary goal is to use all the evidence and information to determine the truth. Expertise in physical sciences, biological sciences, DNA analysis, toxicology, and ballistics is required to assist juries, judges and attorneys.

A Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice along with a specialization in forensics is often required to work in this field. Both online and offline forensic programs are available. An online forensic program is ideal for working professionals. You only need to commit 12 hours per week. Students can attend the classes any time of the day. Campus attendance is not required.

A Bachelors degree in police training helps you to qualify for senior positions in police departments and other law enforcement agencies. A degree in homeland security gives you a great foundation in managing security operations. Learning computer forensics enables you to compile, preserve, retrieve and investigate digital media. Forensic computing plays an important role in international security. A Forensic science technician collects physical evidence from the crime scene. They also collect and analyze samples, reconstruct crime scenes, examine firearms, takes fingerprints and reports investigative findings. They work closely with police to solve crimes.

A number of accredited colleges offer forensic programs online. American Inter Continental University, Ashford University, Virginia College, Western International University, Kaplan University, Stratford Career Institute, Keiser University, Ashworth College, Post University, Bethel University, North Central University, Grand Canyon University, Charter College, Colorado Technical University, Urbana University and Everest College offer a wide range of certificates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programs online.

Forensic specialists include forensic psychologists, forensic toxicologist, forensic anthropologists, medical examiners, forensic odontologists, forensic nurses, forensic technicians, computer forensic specialists and crime scene investigators. The annual pay of a forensic specialist varies depending on the expertise, geographic location and experience. The median wage for a Crime Scene Investigator is $55,000. The Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Homeland Security, New York Police Department and Environmental Protection Agency are hot employers. Forensic science is a very advanced and rapidly growing field.

Earning a forensic degree from a reputed college is the first step towards a rewarding and lucrative career.

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