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Many people are unaware of the concept of a bailiffs role in criminal justice. Aside from court dramas and reality television programs, bailiffs might not have crossed the average person's path. However, bailiffs are very important to the criminal (and civil) justice system in the United States, with police, security, bouncer and more merged into one job. In most courtrooms in this country, bailiffs protect the judge, witnesses, visitors, attorneys and even defendants from harm by checking for weapons and contraband.

The bailiff is the last line of defense for judges serving the community hearing cases; in fact, bailiffs jump into action to deal with anyone being disruptive inside the courtroom including jurors, visitors, witnesses or defendants. One thing is just like the TV role: bailiffs perform the swearing-in of witnesses and defendants before testimony, one of the most important components of any case. It is an important job and a great career to get trained for right away.

Completing an online associate or other degree/certificate program in criminal justice, law enforcement, corrections, public safety and related areas of expertise is the best way to get going into the field and some programs are available for fast track training and easy full-time completion. Some students prefer part-time training so they can continue working while getting prepared for their career.

With online training a bailiff can get to work as young as 18 to 21 provided they have a clean criminal record and the physical and mental strength to handle the duties described above. Bailiffs perform a powerful and important role in the courtroom and in criminal justice and earn a great starting salary; however, people with experience as a bailiff and a degree can continue to expand their education and perform other roles in law enforcement.

Bailiffs have many other roles that are less known but open even more doors for employment. In many areas bailiffs perform roles like police marshals including guarding prisoners and witnesses in hospitals, executing arrest warrants including searching to put people in custody, keeping jurors isolated from the public and calming people during repossession and other times of personal loss experienced by people.

Bailiffs are the points of contact where the public interfaces with the court and the justice system. With this great responsibility, bailiffs must serve with a clean-cut appearance and maintain extremely courteous and professional behavior in all areas of their lives. The bailiffs in court stand for a long time as court takes place and require patience and dedication. A person with the desire to get into this field can get to work very quickly with an online degree.

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