Criminal Justice Schools by State

What Are the Perks of Being a Crime Scene Investigator?

Being part of crime scene investigation or CSI is exciting and interesting. A crime scene investigator is responsible for collecting evidence, analyzing evidence, securing the crime scene and gathering DNA samples. What are the perks of being a crime scene investigator? Is the job worth all the risk? Yes! Crime scene investigators portray a very important role in solving crimes. In addition, they have the required skills and knowledge to recover non-visible evidence and participate in trial testimonies.

Being a crime scene investigator enables a person to analyze situations and communicate with other investigators. It allows you to value the importance of giving importance to every detail. This does not only apply to the workforce, but also to your day to day living. Being able to do this allows you to solve your own problems and appreciate the little things in life. In addition, you do not need a bachelor's degree to become a crime scene investigator. You are also not required to earn a master's degree or any higher form of education. This provides you with a greater chance to deliver the job no matter what degree you completed.

Crime scene investigators only work in the office and the laboratory part time. Your work environment will continue to change depending on the location of the scene you are working with. As a result, you will be able to maintain a healthy and balanced routine while you enjoy various environments. Another benefit is job satisfaction. You will be able to work closely with your co-workers and rely on them. Due to the nature of the work, you can create close bonds and strong friendship with the people you are working with.

Lastly, you will often find yourself as a character in your favourite TV show. Most night time dramas are based on actual events such as crime scene investigation. Situations are only glamorized or embellished by script writers. What are the perks of being a crime scene investigator? There are a lot!

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Can I Become A Private Detective Online?

You may ask yourself, "Can I become a private detective online?" If you are the type of person who loves solving problems, conducting investigations, going over the computers, and taking adventures, then this type of career is the best choice for you. Over the past few years, the demand for online private detectives has increased drastically. Experienced private detectives can earn as much as $100,000 every year. If you want to become a private online detective, here is what you need to do.

First, you need to earn a degree. Although there is no specific degree required in becoming an online private detective, a bachelor's or associate's degree in criminal justice will help secure your desire to be part of an online investigation company. Most investigation companies offer seminars and classes that will cover the knowledge and skills needed for you to be hired. Second, you need to complete all the requirements to earn and carry a license confirming you as an online private detective. On the other hand, there are states that do not require a license. However, all states do require online private detectives to be at least 18 years of age.

Third, you can start processing to be an online private detective by logging into many different state websites. Keep in mind that each state has its own rules and requirements in giving applicants licenses. You can also take up an online training class and course in order to earn credits toward getting your private detective license. Lastly, you need to choose which type of investigation is right for you. There are a number of fields in investigation such as locating missing people, interviewing techniques, background investigation, and assets searching.

If you are still asking yourself, "Can I become a private detective online?," evaluate yourself. What do you really want to do with your life? Do you have the necessary attitude, skills and knowledge to become an online private investigator? If your answer is yes, then you can become one by visiting

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Forensic Science Colleges

Forensic Science plays an important part in solving a crime. It involves collection of evidence and survey of the elements of the scene to make a profile of an anonymous suspect. Because of the advances in the technology, a number of forensic science colleges offer online courses to people who are willing to learn yet do not have time to do so. There are a number of forensic science colleges in the country, but only a few are accredited to offer the course.

1. American Intercontinental University. The American Intercontinental University offers Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a specialization in Forensic Science. Those who have completed a Bachelor's degree in AIC can land a job as a non-sworn forensic personnel or a crime scene analyst. The online programs include forensic psychology, death investigations, crime victim studies and cybercrimes. The school offers flexible schedules as well as financial assistance for working professionals.

2. University of Florida. The University of Florida is one of the forensic science colleges that offer many online programs. There are four Master's degrees offered by the institution - forensic DNA and serology, forensic drug chemistry, general forensic science and forensic toxicology. It also offers certificate programs such as clinical toxicology, DNA and serology, environmental forensics, forensic drug chemistry, and death investigation. To be able to study in these programs online, computer requirements must be accomplished.

3. Colorado Technical University. Colorado Technical University is one of the forensic science colleges that offer Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a specialization on forensic investigation. It teaches students to process evidence by classifying items such as glass and hair. It also teaches handling of firearms and proper DNA collection.

If you want to know more about forensic science colleges and other online programs they specialize on, visit It is a website that provides aspiring law enforcers a chance to reach their dreams according to their own terms of time.

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Guard your Country as a Border Patrol Agent

One of the most rewarding jobs out there is in law enforcement. There are many disciplines one can take up when they study law enforcement. There is one particular law enforcement career which is not only rewarding but also extremely interesting - that is the career as a Border Patrol Agent. What a border patrol agent does exactly is work for the customs department of their country, but they patrol the borders. The job is to keep the country safe from illegal aliens who attempt to sneak into your country illegally. In someone countries such as the United States the job of a border patrol agent is to look for and apprehend suspected terroristic threats to the nation’s security.

A border patrol agent is part of homeland security. There are a few things one needs before they can qualify to become a border patrol agent. The applicant needs to be less than forty years of age. They need to have a previous record and experience with law enforcement. They also need to be a citizen of the country in question in which they are applying for the position of border patrol. Finally they need to also pass a background check and have no prior criminal record.

In the United States, a border patrol applicant also needs to be fluent in Spanish and have a valid driver’s license. Some of the factors which can discredit you are any arrest records, any criminal convictions, being fired from past jobs and the use of illegal drugs and excessive drinking of alcohol. Being a border patrol agent can be a rather grueling job; but also a rewarding one. One also needs schooling in criminal investigation and law.

One doesn’t have to enroll in a college or university to gain this position, one can enroll online. There are now online criminal law courses one can take. An online course can be just as rewarding and even easy. You study and take your classes along your own schedule and around whatever you have going on in your private life. It is also easier to graduate with the highest grades possible.

There are plenty of online courses and places where you can enroll online for any of the law courses you may need. Some people may not agree with the thought of taking an online course for something as important as a border patrol agent but sometimes people do not have the time to attend offline courses. More people today are enrolling online to further their education and their careers, and the practice is becoming more and more typical.

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Why Go For Online Criminal Justice Programs?

There are many reasons why one should choose online criminal justice programs. Firstly, their constant presence and availability makes it faster and easier to earn a degree in criminal justice. Secondly, their curriculums are flexible. This allows students to attend lectures at suitable timings. If you’re a working person and work through day shifts or night shifts, you will have the benefit of choosing lecture timings that suit you.

The flexibility in lecture timings of online criminal justice programs gives you the benefit of planning your time accordingly. This means that you’ll be able to spend time with your family, and also take all your program work around with you anywhere. You will be able to access lectures from any location, as long as you have a computer and internet access. You will be able to take vacations and still continue to work on homework.

In the case of regular or traditional universities, people are always struggling to catch up with lecture timings. Once they are done with the day’s work at their office, they immediately have to rush to the university or college to attend lectures. With online criminal justice programs, you won’t need to rush to catch up. You will be able to get home in time, relax and then study. This will allow you to manage your working life and studying life with ease. You will be able to pursue your career, while pursuing your education as well.

All the universities and colleges offering online programs offer good college services. They help hundreds of their online students on a daily basis. If you have any queries, you can easily call them up at anytime and get the help that you need. You will find that there is always someone there to answer your questions on online college student help services.

Some recommended universities offering online criminal justice programs include:

• Fortis Institute
• Everest University Online
• Charter College Online
• Virginia College
• Grand Canyon University
• Keiser University
• Strayer University
• Kaplan University
• Bethel University – College of Criminal Justice
• NorthCentral University
• American InterContinental University
• Western International University Online
• University of the Rockies
• Colorado Technical University Online
• Stratford Career Institute
• Walden University
• Ashworth College
• Harrison University
• DeVry University

Online degree programs are generally affordable. The best part yet is that they can be completed within very short periods, like between 18 to 24 months. You will get the chance to explore more exciting career opportunities and improve your prospects, without the need to enroll in a traditional university setup. Once you’ve completed your online degree, you get the chance to specialize and work in various other posts like the:

• Police Department
• Sheriff’s Department
• Highway Patrol
• Probation office

You can also branch out and work for the federal government in fields like the:


Rest assured that there are several online colleges to help you turn your dreams into reality. Whether you want to specialize in court reporting, forensic science, criminology or any other program, you can easily do so through online criminal justice programs.

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Would You Be a Good Police Officer?

Would you be a good police officer? That's a question that only you can answer. Police officers often face volatile and stressful situations. They deal with a lot of ordinary patrols. They also deal with both the dangerous and the abused people. With all these situations, they deal with lies and corruptions, and see other people get hurt in the process. In order to deal with all that, they need to be strong and they need to keep the traits that make them good police officers. Would you be a good police officer? Assess yourself by checking out these qualities of a good policeman.


You will often walk into dangerous situations with uncertainty of the future. Thus, you need to be brave and trust your partner to watch your back. You need to focus and get the job done. You need to show other people that you have control over the situation in order to calm them even during the most stressful situations.


It is also important for your department to know that you will show up at work as assigned. Your partner needs to know that you will be there even during unsafe situations. The citizens need to know that you can follow through your responsibilities and respond on situations as quickly as possible.


You must maintain honesty both in work and your personal life. The public needs someone whom they can trust. They need to know if you are serving them fairly without special treatment and without prejudice. You need to have the integrity to make things right especially if you have made bad choices.


In order to calm down, abused victims, out-of-control suspects, and distraught parents need you to have patience. A lot of agitated people often respond to a composed person better than someone who intimidates them and loses their temper. However, you need to show authority in order to get the situation under control. You have to do what it takes to gain control without losing your temper.

For more information on becoming a police officer, visit, the reliable source of criminal justice degree information online.

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Things to Know About Crime Scene Investigation Studies

People generally look at crime scene investigation as a new field in criminology. On the contrary, it has been part of law enforcement and criminal right from the beginning. Recently, however, more people have been getting aware of the program. This is probably due to famous TV shows such as “Law and Order” and “CSI”. However, its popularity is not entirely dependent on such shows.

With the increasing number of universities introducing the course as part of their degree programs, there’s no doubt why its demand is suddenly on the rise. Back when criminal studies were a newly introduced concept, people were hardly aware of the fact that there is something known as crime scene investigation. But the truth is that the course has always been in existence right from the beginning.

Today, crime scene investigation is often referred to as forensic science as well. If you are interested in subjects like law enforcement, homeland security and criminal justice, then you’ll also love studying crime investigation. There are a large number of universities that are offering the program. For example, universities like South University, Everest University Online, Kaplan University, and Rasmussen College. All these universities also offer several other criminology programs.

Crime scene investigation includes topics like biological specimen analysis, crime investigation, blood splatter analysis and several more. When studying any criminology courses, you might find that most of the courses are common to other degree programs. For instance, if you are studying a homeland security degree program, you might find that there are some courses that are common to the law enforcement degree program.

Your choice of university will largely depend on your personal preference. Moreover, also keep in mind the career you intend to build on in the future. Every university trains students according to the courses they choose and their future careers. Most universities and colleges offer three different levels or classes of crime scene investigation programs. These include the associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs.

In most cases, you’ll find that the job opportunities associated with criminology and criminal justice often require additional supplementary training. This training can take about a year or two more. For instance, if you choose to study forensic science and decide to pursue a career in forensic or DNA lab work, you will need an extra qualification in chemistry, biology, genetics and biochemistry. If you plan on applying for a master’s degree, then you might need a prior qualification or work experience in forensic work. Otherwise, you will have no choice but to take some extra criminology courses to be eligible.

Crime scene investigation is a subject that has a very vast reach. It also includes a variety of other programs such as crime scene reconstruction, microscopy, population statistics, molecular biology and others. You will also be spending a lot of your time in the lab, learning the skills and techniques involved in the investigations. These are some of the courses you should expect to take when you get into a forensic college for a master’s degree in crime scene investigation.

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A bailiff is a person who has legal authority to perform a few actions or is one who looks after the prisoners and keeps order in the courtroom.

Job Description

The job responsibilities of Bailiff include

•Maintaining order in court at the time of trial
•Keeping jury clear of outside contact
•Ensuring cleanliness and security of the court room
•Maintaining the sundry supplies for Judge’s use
•Ensure that the rules of the court are followed and acts like smoking is prohibited
•Prohibiting the entry of unauthorized firearms in the court
•Escorting jury to restaurant and other places and preventing contact with people
•In case of requirement of medical aid or police assistance, reporting the same to sheriff’s office
• Announcing the entry of judge

How to become a Bailiff?

High School Diploma

High school diploma is the most basic requirement for you to become a Bailiff. An alternate can be passing of General Education Developments test or simply GED.

Bachelor’s Degree

Although not a necessity, this would help a lot in getting a job and would provide quick promotions as well.


Two to five years of experience in a field related to law helps a lot in getting a job of Bailiff. This is for you to understand the basic terminology and workings related to the field. You can choose to gain experience as an office clerk, legal secretary, law clerk or peace officer to name a few. Experience in military service can also be advantageous.


A few states also require you to get the necessary certification before you can practice as a Bailiff. The reason for this is that the number of job openings is fewer as compared to the candidates. The certification process includes testing, interviews, background checks and psychological evaluations to name a few.


The average salary of the profession is $40,000 per annum. However, the figure varies a lot in accordance with the place where you are working.

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Top Law Enforcement Schools

In order to perform well in the demanding field of law enforcement at the present time, an aspirant needs to have a strong educational background. Degrees in criminal justice provide potential law enforcers with skills and knowledge in various areas such as race and diversity, drug addiction, constitutional laws, family relationships, and social dynamics and behaviours. Completing a respected program from one of the top law enforcement schools will help students understand the causes of crime and how to prevent them.

The top law enforcement school in the United States, Northeastern University, has a consistent high ranking in law enforcement studies. Located in Boston, it is named as a Centre of Excellence by the US Department of Homeland Security. It offers a 5-year BS program which is designed with cooperative experience. Students alternate semesters between studying and working with law enforcement professionals in the field.

Second to Northeastern University, the University of Maryland, is considered to be a leader in criminal justice research and education. Among the many courses offered in this school are criminal law, research method and statistics, criminology and juvenile delinquency. Studies show that more than one third of the most talented and skilled graduates of criminology got their doctorate degrees from this university in 2010.

Third of the top law enforcement schools is SUNY Albany. It is founded in 1968 and has ranked high in excellence since then. The school strives to produce the brightest and most talented students in the field of law enforcement. There 4-year BS program is designed to address the response to criminal behaviours and the societal patterns that affect crimes.

The University of Cincinnati ranked number four and holds the distinction of being the top in research. It is designed to prepare students for a wide range of options in law enforcement career. It offers courses such as criminology, gang violence, the philosophy of punishment, corrections, and domestic violence.

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Legal Secretary Courses

There has been a tremendous growth in organizations related to law including big law firms in the recent past. With the changing society and increasing number of cases of fraud a constant need of legal secretaries is increasingly felt. The legal secretary market has boomed and there is a high demand of them in the law firms in modern times.

A legal secretary works in the legal profession, assisting the lawyers. They help the lawyers by filing documents, such as appeals or motions. At times in large law firms, legal secretaries are required to hold some managerial positions in addition to their convention legal responsibilities. They are responsible for emplacing relevant information for cases.

Legal Secretary Courses

Many colleges and universities offer programs geared towards this career of legal secretary. These develop or polish the secretarial skills of the students. They provide a great help in attaining office administration skills with the specific cognition and understanding required to deal with the legal communications and documentation.

Course Structure

The course structure comprises of modules including general legal secretarial procedures, internet proficiency, knowledge about the country’s legal system, legal terminology, the law of contract, civil litigation, the law of tort, land laws, probate and administration, wills, legal word processing, the completion of legal forms, the production of legal documents and letters and the practical exposure to courts and cases. This on field training is for better understanding of the legal procedures by the students.

Job Prospects

The job prospects for a legal secretary are bright if the candidate is trained and proficient in his/her job requirements. Lawyers belonging to all size of firms, small or large require legal secretaries to care of the legal formalities of documentation. Hence, there is a huge market for the legal secretaries. The salary variation is mainly based on the area of their job. One can earn around $42,940 in the United States. This makes it better paid than most office or administrative support jobs.

Making the Choice

While making the choice for the Legal secretary course, a student should keep in mind the related skills he/she already possesses that are required for the course. Student should choose a course that helps in adding values to his/ her already existing skills.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for this course are very basic. The candidate must have a high school certificate along with excellent verbal and written communication skills. He must also have a good typing speed.

Online Legal Secretary Courses

Online courses are a great option especially for those who are not able to take up a related course simply because on the unavailability of a brick and tar institute in the city where they reside. Online studying offers flexible study hours and the option of reviewing the material as many times as necessary for full retention of the information. Students also benefit from direct interaction with the instructor.

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Cyber Security

The importance of cyber security experts grew to an altogether new level with the popularization of internet and coming up security related threats along with. Internet has become a main source for committing frauds and thefts in the modern times. This has resulted in the birth of a new class of individuals who are meant to protect the nation, companies and businesses from the cyber attack.

While the role of a cyber security specialist working with a company is to protect the data and monetary transactions from spyware, malware, viruses and fraud; those working with the government plan and strategize to protect the nation from a terrorist attack.

Job Types

The most popular job types include

•Cyber Security Analyst
•Cyber Security Manager
•Security Specialist
•Research Scientists
•Security System Engineers
•Information Technology Officer

Job Responsibilities

The duties of a cyber security expert involves

•Planning of security policy
•Creation of security policy
•Management of security products including firewall
•Discovering security loopholes
•Fixing security loopholes
•Compiling security reports
•Ensuring the maintenance of security standards
•Investigation of cyber crimes

Education Requirements

In order to be an expert in the field, you must complete a course in cyber security. In order to be eligible for the course, you must have a bachelor’s degree in software engineering. Experience about networking and working on computers provide added advantage. Some of the certified courses that you can consider and take up include

•SCP (Security Certified Program)
•CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professionals)
•CISA (Certified Information System Auditor)

Probably the only disadvantage related to the profession is that it is accompanied by high pressure and stress. The online environment is changing very fast and you need to upgrade yourself on a consistent basis. Any small error on job can lead to coming up of major security loopholes, which might prove havoc for the business or for the security of the country.

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Criminal Degree Options

Criminal Justice is the system of government institutions and practices that aim to deter crimes, sanction the violators of the law, rehabilitate them and uphold social control. It also provides the accused with protection against the abuse of prosecution and investigatory powers. A number of online schools offer criminal degrees. Many criminal degree options are given to aspirants. These include forensics, homeland security, corrections, and law enforcement.

Law Enforcement and Administration

Law Enforcement and Administration offer students basic information about crime prevention, theories of criminal behaviour and crime, and police procedures. Oftentimes, students take this option to become officers. Others become private security guards, corrections officers and probation officers. There are also some who go to court administration as well as victim services. These courses are offered in associate, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees and prepare students to become paralegals or proceed to law school.


This criminal degree option is designed to prepare students as jail and prison administrators and jail or prison wardens. Others also become bailiffs who provide security in courtrooms.


Forensics is the study of physical evidence to solve crimes. A number of students in forensics ear a general degree first then take an advanced degree in specialized areas such as forensic geology, forensic DNA analysis, and forensic toxicology.

Homeland Security

Homeland security deals with the protection of countries against outside enemies and other serious inside threats. There are programs that offer programs on protection the public during natural disasters and overlap with the safety programs of the public.

These criminal degree options are offered in several online colleges and universities. Students who are interested in pursuing these degrees can visit to learn more about criminal justice. It is important for students to conduct researches and find the program that best suits their interests and career goals.

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Online Schools for Victimology

The study of the victims and the reasons why they are considered as sufferers of the crime is known as Victimology. Victimology also involves inspection of the lifestyles of victims and how they can affect their chances to suffer from a crime. There are a number of Victimology programs available for those who aspire to have an associate's degree, bachelor's degree, a master's degree, or even just a certificate of completion. In addition, there are also many online schools for Victimology. To learn more about online schools for Victimology, visit

1. Maricopa Community College. Maricopa community College offers a victimology program that allows students to work towards certificate completion. Upon completion, students are required to complete 15 credit hours to prepare them for a professional career in victim advocacy. They can become probations officers, police officers, and counsellors. Courses offered in Maricopa Community College include victim rights, community service, and crisis intervention.

2. Seattle University. Seattle University offers criminal justice course with a specialization in victimology. Students who pursue this degree can earn a master's degree if they completed the program. They can also pursue other degrees such as victim services, private, security, social services, and law enforcement. Courses required are law and social control, and criminal justice theory. Students may also take four specialization courses such as restorative or community justice, feminist criminology, contemporary issues in victimology, and violence and victimization.

3. Endicott College. Endicott College also offers victimology program that allows students to minor the subject while taking their bachelor's degree. Six courses are required to be met for this minor. They are crisis intervention, introduction to criminal justice, domestic violence, theories of counselling, human rights and victimology.

4. St. Charles Community College. St. Charles Community College has a victimology programs that are designed for students who are interested in entering human services and upgrading their skill and knowledge level. Requirements for general education includes introduction to psychology and business writing.

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The Evolution of Forensic Science

As the world in which we live in matures so does the way we communicate. New forms of digital communication have done nothing but enhance the way we perform a lot of tasks in our lives. Education, and how we receive it today, is no exception. Now people can go online, take a course, and have a degree in a matter of months based on workloads which work for them personally.

One such popular degree is a degree in forensic science. Being a forensic scientist can be a rewarding job which pays extremely well. For starters this science is now the backbone of the legal system. Once a crime has been committed, forensic scientists apply their knowledge to try and solve the crime or paint a picture as to how the crime in question was perpetrated. As a matter of fact, the word ‘forensic’ literally translates to ‘legal’.

Within the forensic education structure there are various sub degrees one can acquire outside and beyond, such as forensic anthropology, archeology, entomology, botany, chemistry and DNA profiling. There also forensics social sciences and criminalistics such as ballistics, fingerprinting, toxicology and even a basic education for forensic arts.

The art of forensic science can date all the way back to the sixteenth century in Europe. It began with a study in human organs by a French scientist whose work was later followed up on by two Italian scientists. They developed a working pathology for the effects of disease in the human body.

By the beginning of the eighteenth century completed works were beginning to be published called ‘A Treatise on Forensic Medicine and Public Health’. It wasn’t until the middle of the eighteenth century that Johann Peter Franck, a German scientist, would finally publish ‘The Complete System of Police Medicine’. This was the beginning of a whole scientific evolution which was being built upon year after year with new data and results from various medical experiments.

By the beginning of the twentieth century there was the art of using fingerprints and finally even photography was incorporated into forensics. As we evolve as a species so does our technology and thus how we apply our technology to everyday life. Forensic science is no different. Today one can major in computer forensics, database forensics, network forensics and even audio and video forensics. There is a vast science out there in the field of forensic medicine and there are many different paths a forensic scientist can take in his career.

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How to Get Training in Social Work Online

One of the important branches of services in the community is social work. The main aim of social work is to help to solve problems of an individual, group or family. The fact is that people who want to do social service should possess a certain nature because many problems can’t be solved by pressurizing someone or by simply preaching. The social worker should have a natural persuasion for helping mankind.

Social work can be said to be the blend of knowledge, skills, and specific values. Social workers have the ability to make use of resources that are available at present to bring a solution to the problems, be it of an individual or a community. Even vast and serious problems like unemployment, domestic violence, poverty, health issues, water supply issues and an array of issues can be brought to an end by professional social workers. They work in different settings like aid agencies for children, service agencies for families, provincial and federal departments and of course, hospitals. They can even work in their own personal settings.

Social workers assist individuals in all stages of life, right from childhood, adulthood to old age, in which they help to fight challenges including stress, poverty, discrimination, divorce, physical ailment, abuse, death, disability, unemployment, mental illness, depression and addiction.

In order to start working on the entry or initial levels of human services, it is a must to have minimum education. You can attain social work degrees from universities, just like any other branch of education provided by them. This degree makes you eligible to begin your career as a social worker. You would be getting acquainted with the concepts of sociology, psychology and different related areas.

Today, online education is enjoying the highest demand among students as it helps students have the freedom to set up their own study timetable. It is easy to get a Masters degree in social work through this online method. Other advantages of online degree is the ability to attend classes from anywhere at any time, and even completing the degree in a shorter time because online education is generally accelerated.

Once you possess this degree, you can apply for the posts of managers and directors. If you prefer teaching in a University or would like to do research in the field, you will have to earn a doctorate in social services. Most of the top accredited Universities now offer online degrees in social work.

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Private Detective Schools

In today’s society, the escalation in crimes, identity thefts, marital infidelity and frauds open up a big opportunity market for skilled and methodologically trained private detectives. There are a number of avenues when it comes to this career path like criminal defence, product liability, insurance fraud, and accident reconstruction, marital custody, skip tracing and high- tech intelligence gathering for multi-national corporations to name a few. The number of schools providing expertise in this field is hence increasing these days to match the demand of the society.

A Private Detective conducts investigations and collects information, generally for private citizens or private corporations. Private Detectives uncover facts about legal, personal, or financial matters, provide assistance in criminal and civil liability cases, and investigate frauds.

Private Detective Schools

There are presently many schools and academies, including online learning schools, which offer private detective training. Some detectives enhance their credentials by obtaining certification from a professional organization.

Course Structure

The course structure of private detective schools includes many interesting and intriguing subjects like crime scene investigation, computer forensics, murder suspects, accident analysis, using spy gadgets, background check methodology, lateral thinking, asset investigation, business intelligence investigations, industrial espionage investigation and counter measures, electronic surveillance and counter measures, marital investigations, employee theft investigation and undercover operations to name a few.

Job prospects

The job prospects of this career are promising. According to a research conducted in 2006, private investigators held about 52,000 jobs in the US. The number has grown at a tremendous pace since then and the trend is sure to continue in future as well. Employment opportunities as a private detective are high in areas including investigation and security services, legal services and local government.

How much can I expect to make?

As per the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in this field are projected to grow at a faster when compared to other occupations in future. There is an increasing emphasis on security combined with a trend towards increasing litigation. On an average, a private investigator in the US earns about $20.51 every hour, while the mean annual wage is around $42,660.


While making the choice of the appropriate Private Detective School, the candidate should keep in the mind the area of expertise he/she is interested in. He can choose from a number of courses on offer as per his/her interest. Hence, the candidate should go for the best tradeoff between the course backgrounds, the institute rankings, and his/her field of interest for choosing the right private detective school for oneself.

Online courses in private investigation are generally self-paced. A majority of the online curriculum exists for open-book testing and corresponding with instructors, while the remaining portion requires textbook studies. Some schools invite private investigation students to live events, where students can cash the opportunity to interact with career professionals and learn from their experiences. In addition, the student may have access to tutors or instructors via e-mail or toll-free numbers during scheduled hours.

Hence, going for an online course gives the student complete flexibility and the required assistance as and when needed as per the demand of the course and the pace of learning for the student.

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FBI Agent

As a law enforcement agency, the main responsibility of the FBI is to protect the United States
from foreign attacks and terrorist threats. They are also responsible for providing leadership
services to their partners. A few of their duties involves
  • Protection of civil rights
  • Combating violent, major and white collar crimes
  • Upgrading technology for better utilization
  • Supporting federal, county, municipal, state and international partners
In case you are looking for an exciting career full of challenges, the job of an FBI agent may be the perfect option to consider. However, you must also understand that the job is stressful, dangerous and may need you to work for long durations. You would need to have a lot of dedication and work hard.

The Requirements

The duties of an agent may vary from research to field duty. In order to get a job, you need to

• Law enforcement experience
• Specialized job training
• College education

A minimum of bachelor’s degree in criminal justice is required for you to enter the field. You
must also be healthy and fit as that is a major requirement of the job. In case you know a foreign
language, you would be given preference over other candidates; however, that is not the deciding

The specialized job-training program lasts for a period of 18 months and makes the candidates
ready for the job.

Job Description

The FBI agents are in charge of investigating different cases that may belong to one of the 200
different categories that falls under the umbrella of FBI. A few of the case may be related to

  • Terrorism
  • Bank robberies
  • Cyber Crimes
  • Organized crimes
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Corruption


The basic work involves investigation, research and report making. There are no fixed workdays
or working hours and they may need to work on bizarre timings as and when required. They have
a work schedule of 40 hours per week but that is rarely the case in reality. They may be asked to
follow a persona and might need to hide their own identity in the process. They may also witness
death scenes and deal with scared individuals. The job as a whole can be disturbing at times.


A fresher of the field earns somewhere around $50,000 per year with the additional availability
pay of around $12,000. In addition, an agent also receives a number of other benefits including
company car, cell phone, paid vacations, retirement plan and health insurance to name a few.

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Correctional Officer

 Correctional Officer

Previously termed as jailer, jail guard or prison warder, a correctional officer is a person
responsible for the supervision, safety and security of prisoners in a secure custody including

Duties of a Correctional Officer

The duties involve

• Maintenance of law and order in the jail
• Enforcement and following of rule and regulations in the jail premises
• Taking care of and easing out any hostile situation that may come up in the jail
• Ensuring safe and secure moment of prisoners to and from court as and when required
• Installing proper medical facilities for the inmates as well as those on duty
• Counseling the inmates for any problem that they might be facing
• Making rounds of the prison premises to ensure that all safety instruments are in order
and are apt enough to prevent any prisoner from escaping

Educational Qualifications

The basic educational requirements vary in accordance with the facility where you are looking to
get a job. The correctional facilities demand of at least high school graduates whereas you must
have a bachelor’s degree in case applying for a Federal Bureau of prisons. There is also a limit
set to the age and window is from 18 to 21 years.

The Test

In order to become a correctional officer, you would need to pass a test. This test is usually of
three-hour duration and consists of four sections.

Section one to three: Objective questions related to the fields of grammar,
comprehension and mathematics

Section four: Report writing after going through the details of situation provided. The
point to note here is that there is no one fixed answer for this section and is meant to
know the abilities of the applicant.

Once you clear the written exam, a physical exam might also be conducted in order to ensure that
you are fit enough for the job.

Skill Sets Required

A perfect candidate for the job must

Have the ability to find answers to various different problems or situations
Have great communication skills
Be motivated and show keen interest in job
Have the ability to work in tough situations for long
Be able to deal effectively with different types of people


The earning of the field varies a lot as per the rank, location of job and the type of job as well.
The median salary is of the range of $40,000 per year. However, with experience the number can
go high.

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Be Part of the US Border Patrol

Border Patrol is deployed to prevent the entry of terrorist and unauthorized weapons in the United States. They also keep a close eye on the entry of undocumented personnel’s and detect and prevent smuggling activities. They apprehend those who violate immigration laws in one way or the other.

Check if You Qualify for the Role

In order to join Border Patrol:
• You must be under 40 years of age. The limit may be relaxed in case you have Federal Law enforcement experience.
• You must be a citizen of the US
• You must be residing in the US
• You must have a valid state’s driving license
• You must also pass a number of tests including background investigation, medical investigation, fitness test and drug test to name a few
• You must pass the urine test
• You must appear and clear the oral interview
• Physical conditions including vision, speech and hearing ability is also considered while making a selection

A number of cases might lead you to be ineligible for the post and include:
• Arrests in the past
• Past job dismissal
• Conviction
• Financial issues
• Addiction to alcohol
• Illegal use of drugs

The Working Conditions
The working conditions of the job might not be easy for all. However, if you like firearms and relish working in the natural environment, this might be the perfect alternate for you. The working hours is not fixed and you may need to work for long duration including the weekends and holidays. You might also need to work alone, operating different vehicle types. Weather might go bad at times while you are at work and dangerous chases are common.

Education Requirements
Experience plays a major role while you are looking to make a career in the field. However, if you do not have relevant experience, you must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in criminal justice. For better upgrades and pay package, you can always opt to get a Master’s Degree in Criminal justice as well.

The starting salary of the field ranges from $33,000 to $49,000 and increases with experience. There are basically three pay grades which are based on your education qualification and experience level. These are GL 5, GL 7 and GL 9. Here is the grade wise breakdown:
• GL 5: $33,000 to 41,000
• GL 7: $38,000 to 49,000
• GL 9: $42,000 to 55,000

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