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A bailiff is a person who has legal authority to perform a few actions or is one who looks after the prisoners and keeps order in the courtroom.

Job Description

The job responsibilities of Bailiff include

•Maintaining order in court at the time of trial
•Keeping jury clear of outside contact
•Ensuring cleanliness and security of the court room
•Maintaining the sundry supplies for Judge’s use
•Ensure that the rules of the court are followed and acts like smoking is prohibited
•Prohibiting the entry of unauthorized firearms in the court
•Escorting jury to restaurant and other places and preventing contact with people
•In case of requirement of medical aid or police assistance, reporting the same to sheriff’s office
• Announcing the entry of judge

How to become a Bailiff?

High School Diploma

High school diploma is the most basic requirement for you to become a Bailiff. An alternate can be passing of General Education Developments test or simply GED.

Bachelor’s Degree

Although not a necessity, this would help a lot in getting a job and would provide quick promotions as well.


Two to five years of experience in a field related to law helps a lot in getting a job of Bailiff. This is for you to understand the basic terminology and workings related to the field. You can choose to gain experience as an office clerk, legal secretary, law clerk or peace officer to name a few. Experience in military service can also be advantageous.


A few states also require you to get the necessary certification before you can practice as a Bailiff. The reason for this is that the number of job openings is fewer as compared to the candidates. The certification process includes testing, interviews, background checks and psychological evaluations to name a few.


The average salary of the profession is $40,000 per annum. However, the figure varies a lot in accordance with the place where you are working.

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