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Criminal Justice is the system of government institutions and practices that aim to deter crimes, sanction the violators of the law, rehabilitate them and uphold social control. It also provides the accused with protection against the abuse of prosecution and investigatory powers. A number of online schools offer criminal degrees. Many criminal degree options are given to aspirants. These include forensics, homeland security, corrections, and law enforcement.

Law Enforcement and Administration

Law Enforcement and Administration offer students basic information about crime prevention, theories of criminal behaviour and crime, and police procedures. Oftentimes, students take this option to become officers. Others become private security guards, corrections officers and probation officers. There are also some who go to court administration as well as victim services. These courses are offered in associate, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees and prepare students to become paralegals or proceed to law school.


This criminal degree option is designed to prepare students as jail and prison administrators and jail or prison wardens. Others also become bailiffs who provide security in courtrooms.


Forensics is the study of physical evidence to solve crimes. A number of students in forensics ear a general degree first then take an advanced degree in specialized areas such as forensic geology, forensic DNA analysis, and forensic toxicology.

Homeland Security

Homeland security deals with the protection of countries against outside enemies and other serious inside threats. There are programs that offer programs on protection the public during natural disasters and overlap with the safety programs of the public.

These criminal degree options are offered in several online colleges and universities. Students who are interested in pursuing these degrees can visit to learn more about criminal justice. It is important for students to conduct researches and find the program that best suits their interests and career goals.

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