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The Evolution of Forensic Science

As the world in which we live in matures so does the way we communicate. New forms of digital communication have done nothing but enhance the way we perform a lot of tasks in our lives. Education, and how we receive it today, is no exception. Now people can go online, take a course, and have a degree in a matter of months based on workloads which work for them personally.

One such popular degree is a degree in forensic science. Being a forensic scientist can be a rewarding job which pays extremely well. For starters this science is now the backbone of the legal system. Once a crime has been committed, forensic scientists apply their knowledge to try and solve the crime or paint a picture as to how the crime in question was perpetrated. As a matter of fact, the word ‘forensic’ literally translates to ‘legal’.

Within the forensic education structure there are various sub degrees one can acquire outside and beyond, such as forensic anthropology, archeology, entomology, botany, chemistry and DNA profiling. There also forensics social sciences and criminalistics such as ballistics, fingerprinting, toxicology and even a basic education for forensic arts.

The art of forensic science can date all the way back to the sixteenth century in Europe. It began with a study in human organs by a French scientist whose work was later followed up on by two Italian scientists. They developed a working pathology for the effects of disease in the human body.

By the beginning of the eighteenth century completed works were beginning to be published called ‘A Treatise on Forensic Medicine and Public Health’. It wasn’t until the middle of the eighteenth century that Johann Peter Franck, a German scientist, would finally publish ‘The Complete System of Police Medicine’. This was the beginning of a whole scientific evolution which was being built upon year after year with new data and results from various medical experiments.

By the beginning of the twentieth century there was the art of using fingerprints and finally even photography was incorporated into forensics. As we evolve as a species so does our technology and thus how we apply our technology to everyday life. Forensic science is no different. Today one can major in computer forensics, database forensics, network forensics and even audio and video forensics. There is a vast science out there in the field of forensic medicine and there are many different paths a forensic scientist can take in his career.

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