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One of the most rewarding jobs out there is in law enforcement. There are many disciplines one can take up when they study law enforcement. There is one particular law enforcement career which is not only rewarding but also extremely interesting - that is the career as a Border Patrol Agent. What a border patrol agent does exactly is work for the customs department of their country, but they patrol the borders. The job is to keep the country safe from illegal aliens who attempt to sneak into your country illegally. In someone countries such as the United States the job of a border patrol agent is to look for and apprehend suspected terroristic threats to the nation’s security.

A border patrol agent is part of homeland security. There are a few things one needs before they can qualify to become a border patrol agent. The applicant needs to be less than forty years of age. They need to have a previous record and experience with law enforcement. They also need to be a citizen of the country in question in which they are applying for the position of border patrol. Finally they need to also pass a background check and have no prior criminal record.

In the United States, a border patrol applicant also needs to be fluent in Spanish and have a valid driver’s license. Some of the factors which can discredit you are any arrest records, any criminal convictions, being fired from past jobs and the use of illegal drugs and excessive drinking of alcohol. Being a border patrol agent can be a rather grueling job; but also a rewarding one. One also needs schooling in criminal investigation and law.

One doesn’t have to enroll in a college or university to gain this position, one can enroll online. There are now online criminal law courses one can take. An online course can be just as rewarding and even easy. You study and take your classes along your own schedule and around whatever you have going on in your private life. It is also easier to graduate with the highest grades possible.

There are plenty of online courses and places where you can enroll online for any of the law courses you may need. Some people may not agree with the thought of taking an online course for something as important as a border patrol agent but sometimes people do not have the time to attend offline courses. More people today are enrolling online to further their education and their careers, and the practice is becoming more and more typical.

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