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Correctional Officer

 Correctional Officer

Previously termed as jailer, jail guard or prison warder, a correctional officer is a person
responsible for the supervision, safety and security of prisoners in a secure custody including

Duties of a Correctional Officer

The duties involve

• Maintenance of law and order in the jail
• Enforcement and following of rule and regulations in the jail premises
• Taking care of and easing out any hostile situation that may come up in the jail
• Ensuring safe and secure moment of prisoners to and from court as and when required
• Installing proper medical facilities for the inmates as well as those on duty
• Counseling the inmates for any problem that they might be facing
• Making rounds of the prison premises to ensure that all safety instruments are in order
and are apt enough to prevent any prisoner from escaping

Educational Qualifications

The basic educational requirements vary in accordance with the facility where you are looking to
get a job. The correctional facilities demand of at least high school graduates whereas you must
have a bachelor’s degree in case applying for a Federal Bureau of prisons. There is also a limit
set to the age and window is from 18 to 21 years.

The Test

In order to become a correctional officer, you would need to pass a test. This test is usually of
three-hour duration and consists of four sections.

Section one to three: Objective questions related to the fields of grammar,
comprehension and mathematics

Section four: Report writing after going through the details of situation provided. The
point to note here is that there is no one fixed answer for this section and is meant to
know the abilities of the applicant.

Once you clear the written exam, a physical exam might also be conducted in order to ensure that
you are fit enough for the job.

Skill Sets Required

A perfect candidate for the job must

Have the ability to find answers to various different problems or situations
Have great communication skills
Be motivated and show keen interest in job
Have the ability to work in tough situations for long
Be able to deal effectively with different types of people


The earning of the field varies a lot as per the rank, location of job and the type of job as well.
The median salary is of the range of $40,000 per year. However, with experience the number can
go high.

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