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The study of the victims and the reasons why they are considered as sufferers of the crime is known as Victimology. Victimology also involves inspection of the lifestyles of victims and how they can affect their chances to suffer from a crime. There are a number of Victimology programs available for those who aspire to have an associate's degree, bachelor's degree, a master's degree, or even just a certificate of completion. In addition, there are also many online schools for Victimology. To learn more about online schools for Victimology, visit

1. Maricopa Community College. Maricopa community College offers a victimology program that allows students to work towards certificate completion. Upon completion, students are required to complete 15 credit hours to prepare them for a professional career in victim advocacy. They can become probations officers, police officers, and counsellors. Courses offered in Maricopa Community College include victim rights, community service, and crisis intervention.

2. Seattle University. Seattle University offers criminal justice course with a specialization in victimology. Students who pursue this degree can earn a master's degree if they completed the program. They can also pursue other degrees such as victim services, private, security, social services, and law enforcement. Courses required are law and social control, and criminal justice theory. Students may also take four specialization courses such as restorative or community justice, feminist criminology, contemporary issues in victimology, and violence and victimization.

3. Endicott College. Endicott College also offers victimology program that allows students to minor the subject while taking their bachelor's degree. Six courses are required to be met for this minor. They are crisis intervention, introduction to criminal justice, domestic violence, theories of counselling, human rights and victimology.

4. St. Charles Community College. St. Charles Community College has a victimology programs that are designed for students who are interested in entering human services and upgrading their skill and knowledge level. Requirements for general education includes introduction to psychology and business writing.

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