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In today’s society, the escalation in crimes, identity thefts, marital infidelity and frauds open up a big opportunity market for skilled and methodologically trained private detectives. There are a number of avenues when it comes to this career path like criminal defence, product liability, insurance fraud, and accident reconstruction, marital custody, skip tracing and high- tech intelligence gathering for multi-national corporations to name a few. The number of schools providing expertise in this field is hence increasing these days to match the demand of the society.

A Private Detective conducts investigations and collects information, generally for private citizens or private corporations. Private Detectives uncover facts about legal, personal, or financial matters, provide assistance in criminal and civil liability cases, and investigate frauds.

Private Detective Schools

There are presently many schools and academies, including online learning schools, which offer private detective training. Some detectives enhance their credentials by obtaining certification from a professional organization.

Course Structure

The course structure of private detective schools includes many interesting and intriguing subjects like crime scene investigation, computer forensics, murder suspects, accident analysis, using spy gadgets, background check methodology, lateral thinking, asset investigation, business intelligence investigations, industrial espionage investigation and counter measures, electronic surveillance and counter measures, marital investigations, employee theft investigation and undercover operations to name a few.

Job prospects

The job prospects of this career are promising. According to a research conducted in 2006, private investigators held about 52,000 jobs in the US. The number has grown at a tremendous pace since then and the trend is sure to continue in future as well. Employment opportunities as a private detective are high in areas including investigation and security services, legal services and local government.

How much can I expect to make?

As per the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in this field are projected to grow at a faster when compared to other occupations in future. There is an increasing emphasis on security combined with a trend towards increasing litigation. On an average, a private investigator in the US earns about $20.51 every hour, while the mean annual wage is around $42,660.


While making the choice of the appropriate Private Detective School, the candidate should keep in the mind the area of expertise he/she is interested in. He can choose from a number of courses on offer as per his/her interest. Hence, the candidate should go for the best tradeoff between the course backgrounds, the institute rankings, and his/her field of interest for choosing the right private detective school for oneself.

Online courses in private investigation are generally self-paced. A majority of the online curriculum exists for open-book testing and corresponding with instructors, while the remaining portion requires textbook studies. Some schools invite private investigation students to live events, where students can cash the opportunity to interact with career professionals and learn from their experiences. In addition, the student may have access to tutors or instructors via e-mail or toll-free numbers during scheduled hours.

Hence, going for an online course gives the student complete flexibility and the required assistance as and when needed as per the demand of the course and the pace of learning for the student.

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