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Things to Know About Crime Scene Investigation Studies

People generally look at crime scene investigation as a new field in criminology. On the contrary, it has been part of law enforcement and criminal right from the beginning. Recently, however, more people have been getting aware of the program. This is probably due to famous TV shows such as “Law and Order” and “CSI”. However, its popularity is not entirely dependent on such shows.

With the increasing number of universities introducing the course as part of their degree programs, there’s no doubt why its demand is suddenly on the rise. Back when criminal studies were a newly introduced concept, people were hardly aware of the fact that there is something known as crime scene investigation. But the truth is that the course has always been in existence right from the beginning.

Today, crime scene investigation is often referred to as forensic science as well. If you are interested in subjects like law enforcement, homeland security and criminal justice, then you’ll also love studying crime investigation. There are a large number of universities that are offering the program. For example, universities like South University, Everest University Online, Kaplan University, and Rasmussen College. All these universities also offer several other criminology programs.

Crime scene investigation includes topics like biological specimen analysis, crime investigation, blood splatter analysis and several more. When studying any criminology courses, you might find that most of the courses are common to other degree programs. For instance, if you are studying a homeland security degree program, you might find that there are some courses that are common to the law enforcement degree program.

Your choice of university will largely depend on your personal preference. Moreover, also keep in mind the career you intend to build on in the future. Every university trains students according to the courses they choose and their future careers. Most universities and colleges offer three different levels or classes of crime scene investigation programs. These include the associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs.

In most cases, you’ll find that the job opportunities associated with criminology and criminal justice often require additional supplementary training. This training can take about a year or two more. For instance, if you choose to study forensic science and decide to pursue a career in forensic or DNA lab work, you will need an extra qualification in chemistry, biology, genetics and biochemistry. If you plan on applying for a master’s degree, then you might need a prior qualification or work experience in forensic work. Otherwise, you will have no choice but to take some extra criminology courses to be eligible.

Crime scene investigation is a subject that has a very vast reach. It also includes a variety of other programs such as crime scene reconstruction, microscopy, population statistics, molecular biology and others. You will also be spending a lot of your time in the lab, learning the skills and techniques involved in the investigations. These are some of the courses you should expect to take when you get into a forensic college for a master’s degree in crime scene investigation.

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