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In order to perform well in the demanding field of law enforcement at the present time, an aspirant needs to have a strong educational background. Degrees in criminal justice provide potential law enforcers with skills and knowledge in various areas such as race and diversity, drug addiction, constitutional laws, family relationships, and social dynamics and behaviours. Completing a respected program from one of the top law enforcement schools will help students understand the causes of crime and how to prevent them.

The top law enforcement school in the United States, Northeastern University, has a consistent high ranking in law enforcement studies. Located in Boston, it is named as a Centre of Excellence by the US Department of Homeland Security. It offers a 5-year BS program which is designed with cooperative experience. Students alternate semesters between studying and working with law enforcement professionals in the field.

Second to Northeastern University, the University of Maryland, is considered to be a leader in criminal justice research and education. Among the many courses offered in this school are criminal law, research method and statistics, criminology and juvenile delinquency. Studies show that more than one third of the most talented and skilled graduates of criminology got their doctorate degrees from this university in 2010.

Third of the top law enforcement schools is SUNY Albany. It is founded in 1968 and has ranked high in excellence since then. The school strives to produce the brightest and most talented students in the field of law enforcement. There 4-year BS program is designed to address the response to criminal behaviours and the societal patterns that affect crimes.

The University of Cincinnati ranked number four and holds the distinction of being the top in research. It is designed to prepare students for a wide range of options in law enforcement career. It offers courses such as criminology, gang violence, the philosophy of punishment, corrections, and domestic violence.

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Criminal Justice Schools

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