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Can I Get Financial Aid For An Online Degree?

Most people are of the view that those pursuing an online degree course are not eligible to take up any kind of financial aid for their studies. However, the truth is completely opposite. Gone are the days when financial aids for online courses were not allowed. In the modern times, they stand at par in terms of accreditation, quality and recognition as compared to traditional on-campus courses and that makes them eligible for financial aids as well. Those schools that are not accredited would not be able to provide any help in the matter for their students. Most others qualify for the same.

The important point to note here is that financial aid can be gained in the same manner whether it is an online or on-campus course.

Types of Aids

There are four different types of aids, which you can apply for while going in for an online degree course. These include

• Grants
• Loans
• Scholarships
• Work Study Programs


The greatest point related to grants is that you do not need to pay them back in the times to come. They are more like a gift. The only criterion that you need consider is the minimum GPA to be maintained. In case you withdraw from the school before completion of course, then you would need to pay back the amount. Financial condition of the candidate is considered before approving a grant.


A loan is another great method to take care of expenses in case of an online education. There are two types of these - Government and Private. The government loans require you to pay back the principal amount only while the interest charges are borne by Government. Private loans come in with a hefty interest charge. By filling up the Application for Federal Student Aid, you can apply for a loan.


Scholarships are also provided to students pursuing online degree courses. Like the grants, you are not required to pay them back. However, you would need to maintain a minimum GPA and work with the sponsoring company for a fixed duration of time after graduation. The duration is decided before granting the scholarship.

Work Study Programs

These specially designed programs allow you to work while you study and pay the education expenses.

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