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If you want to become a correctional training officer, it is not easy. You need to oversee the people in prisons, detention facilities and jails. You need to enforce the rules as well as maintain the security of the facility where you work. Although you are a part of the law enforcement, you have no police powers or jurisdiction outside the physical facility in which you work. For more information about correctional officer training, visit

What does a corrections officer training do? It educates correction officers on rules and regulations of the institution, teaches them security procedures and provides consistency in the facilities. If given the proper training and education, you will be able to control prison population as well as provide care for long-term inmates. Other duties of a correctional officer include settling inmate disputes, implementing institutional rules, assigning prison job tasks and performing security checks.

In order to become a corrections officer, you need to complete the requirements given by the state and the type of facility you are applying for. You need to be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED. You should also have no criminal records. You need to have come college credits or any experience in law enforcement or counselling. If you want to improve your chance of getting hired in this field of work, a military experience may be helpful.

Other correctional officer trainings required are formal, federal, on-the-job and specialized. Formal training involves training on safety procedure, operations and institutional laws. Federal training requires 120 hours at a special facility and another 200 hours at the first year of work. On-the-job trainings are given to correction officers once hired. Part of these on- the job trainings are self-defence, prison regulations, custody and security protocols, and interpersonal communication skills.

Trainings are usually conducted by experienced officers and have specific requirements to ensure safety and efficient operation. Lastly, specialized training is given to correctional officers with specialized positions. This training focuses on making inmate cell changes, executing riot control and responding to hostage situations.

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