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Counter Terrorism

The purpose of counter terrorism is to detect and deter terrorist attacks. Various agencies around the world combine both the citizens and local police to pool information and resources that may help the government counter any terrorist attack. But, what is terrorism? Terrorism is an act of violence against the citizens and property of a country. This use of force is against the national law.

Terrorism is performed due to various reasons such as bringing attention to a cause. Terrorist groups use a lot of techniques to scare the public and make them believe that the government is not capable of providing them safety and security against terrorist attacks. This weakens the position of the national government though kidnappings, chemical weapons,bombings, hijackings, and assassinations.

The Department of State reports to the Office of the Coordinator for Counter Terrorism which is headed by an ambassador in order to work with agencies and government all over the world to halt terrorist plots. It aims to make sure that the national security of the United States, its citizens and property will not be harmed. It also attempts to maintain agreements between the government and other foreign organizations to provide assistance in reducing the risk of the attacks.

The efforts to counter terrorism revolve around the idea of reducing the threats to the US national security by terrorist organizations. These organizations may either be on a national and international level. Threats are often made against public buildings such as large public landmarks, international airports and government facilities.

In response to these, the government ensures law enforcements and prepares its citizens to take part in activities against terrorism. All US citizens should be trained and be made aware of the using daily activities that may counter terrorist attacks in order to decrease the risk of future terrorisms.

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