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Do I earn the same degree online that on-campus students earn?

The biggest worry that haunts the students taking up an online degree program is the type of degree they would be awarded after completion of the course. What if they get a substandard one even after putting in so much efforts and investing time and money, especially when compared to on-campus courses. However, the truth is that you would get the same degree irrespective of the course type you chose - online or on-campus. The degree you get after completion of an online course does not even mentions the word 'online' and thus you can be rest assured.

Here are some important points, which ensure that you get the same degree online that on-campus students earn.

Same Course Content

The colleges ensure that the course content offered and taught in the online environment is same as that of a traditional course. This is especially the case when the course is offered by a school that has brick and tar presence as well. You can compare the curriculum of the course in two versions - online and office before taking a decision.

Same Challenges and Difficulty Level

The challenges and difficulty level posted by online degree courses are the same as traditional ones. Some people are of the view that getting through an online course is much easier. However, that is simply not the case. Others believe that you can cheat easily in the online environment. However, there are tools that keep a check on that as well.

Same Quality

The above reasons ensure that the quality of degree provided is same as that of the traditional courses. Moreover, online schools also need to take accreditation from a recognized body before they can provide a degree to the students. They also need to meet the same criterion to be eligible for the accreditation. This makes online degrees at par in terms of quality especially in the eyes of employers.


Same resources are available for you to consult in case of online degree as in a traditional course. The only difference is that they are available in virtual forms. An example may include EBooks instead of real ones.


The recruiters accept the online degrees as well and you would never have a difficulty in getting a job. The only criterion is that the college and program must be an accredited one.

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