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Duties of a Court Reporter

The world of law enforcement is full of lucrative, fascinating career paths. Many make the mistake of believing that law enforcement careers are limited to police officers and very little more, but nothing could be father from the truth. In fact, there are thousands of different career paths involved in one way or another with law enforcement. Hundreds of these careers are in the court system, with court reporter being one of the more prominent ones. One does not need to go to a police academy to become a court reporter, but there are certainly some requirements for the job.

There are many different court reporting schools, all of which differ in the curriculum offered and the intensity of the course work. With the digital revolution, many people have been taking to the internet to get their degrees online. This has the advantage of allowing people to pursue their degrees in court reporting at their own rate, and not have to commute to a place of schooling. The training they receive is essentially identical to those who attend a more traditional classroom.

The primary duty of a court reporter is to record the court session. This can be done through any means, at the discretion of the reporter. Different court reporting schools prefer different methods, but when it comes down to it, it is the decision of the court reporter. Some prefer writing with a pen and paper the old fashioned way, using shorthand of course. Others will use a typewriter or laptop, while others still simply record the proceedings electronically for later transcription. If a party in a court case wants a transcription of any part of the proceedings, they pay a fee and the court reporter in turn prepares the transcription.

Court reporters are also responsible for getting the notes they take certified before properly filing them. The notes are then archived so they can be accessed at a later date as required by local and federal laws. The final duty of a court reporter is to be their own administrator. They are the ones who bill for official transcripts of courtroom sessions, as well as keep track of all the paperwork associated with the proceedings. When the transcript requests are completed and in order, it is the court reporter who actually ends up mailing the proceedings.

If you are considering becoming a court reporter, you should give it a great deal of thought. It is a fascinating and varied career, and can be quite lucrative for the right candidates.

Law enforcement agencies may require additional training.

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