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How to Become a Probation Officer

When one achieves an education in law enforcement they can move in almost any direction they want. A law degree is no longer for just lawyers. One can go to school for a career in justice administration. If you have a Bachelor’s in Justice Administration then you can find a job as a probation officer. You also are required to have a BLS in criminal justice and or another related field outside of justice administration.

There is a huge call for probation officers in the inner cities and out in the western part of the United States in smaller towns which do not have the staff or the resources for their law enforcement positions. Not the most active of criminal law enforcement jobs, a probation officer instead requires massive amounts of training. Probation officer training includes a lot of work. There are state by state certification tests which need to be passed before you can begin work in this field. You will even have to go in and work with a current probation officer for some hands on training which is required in most states.

The coursework can be done in class or at home, which means you can take online criminal courses for work as a probation officer. After your state required work is done, a typical probation officer works as an assistant or a trainee for about half a year or until the experienced office you are working under feels you are ready to handle your own probation cases on your own. This usually last a year but can also be as long as eighteen months in some cases. You may also be required to take repeated courses and updates tests as a probation officer to continue the work you have set out to do.

Probation officer training is very complex but once completed opens the door of a whole new career to you. Some additional requirements beyond education and training is that you be at least twenty one years of age but also need to be younger than thirty seven to become a probation officer. Being as this is a career in law enforcement and criminal justice background check will be done on you. Also be prepared for random drug tests and screening which if one fails is grounds for automatic dismissal from your job. Then finally is the psychological review and evaluation to see if you can mentally handle the stress of the job at hand.

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