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Requirements to Becoming a CSI Agent

In this job market some jobs are becoming more open and offer more pay than others. One such career is that of a Crime Scene Investigator. More commonly referred to as a CSI agent, these officers investigate crime scenes. They are much like forensics officers who are more on the job in the field than back in the lab at the police station.

Becoming a crime scene investigator can be easier than you would think. The first thing you need is a degree in criminology. This is the basic law degree most law enforcement jobs are required. Once you have this basic education you can then move forward with a career in CSI work.

Second you want to learn all you can about the job in question; from the work involved to the requirements needed. The duties of a CSI agent are rather simple, they collect, preserve, identify, compare and catalog evidence collected from a crime scene or a suspect. The position automatically requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Medicine and Science. You can also have any other related science degree as well which can only help you in your education to becoming a CSI agent.

Your working hours need to be flexible as you will be on call almost all year round, be it holidays and various shifts. One needs to be familiar with chemicals and chemistry as well as the rules of evidence and the way the law works. You need to be professional and have a clear and precise voice as you will most likely be called into court rooms to testify as an expert witness and relay your findings of a case’s technical side to the court and the jury.

There are even additional requirements which trump education such as being a citizen of the country you are applying to become a CSI agent, and usually to be over the age of twenty one. You also need perfect vision or twenty-twenty vision when corrected by either glasses or laser surgery. Also, you cannot have a criminal record that is not older than ten years or more; this also goes for DWIs which you have acquired. All agents need to undergo various physiological reviews and meet with a psychiatrist for review.

It can be very rewarding becoming a crime scene investigator as it pays well and is a very interesting job. Once again it proves that with an education, anything can be done.

Law enforcement agencies may require additional training.

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