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Top Criminal Justice Schools in America for 2012

A good criminal justice school goes a long way in getting you a job in the field whether at city, state or federal level. It can be a major factor in getting a better pay package as well as a quick joining letter. It is the most important factor to consider for those, who are looking to join a criminal justice school for a degree course. The important point to note here is that each school specializes in a particular niche and that must be kept in mind while reaching to a conclusion. Other factors including the fee structure, scholarship offered and location plays a major role in the decision making process.

A number of schools offer online education as well which is a big boost for those who simply cannot let go of their current job to take up the course due to one reason or the other.

For those looking to take up a course in current year, the situation is no different. Here is a list of top Criminal Justice Schools in America for 2012.

University of Cincinnati

When it comes to criminal justice research, the University of Cincinnati is one of the best options to consider. The research productivity of the center of criminal research of the University is highest in US.

University of Maryland

The department of Criminology and criminal Justice was established back in the year 1969 and is considered one of the best in terms of quality education. You can go in for B.A., M.A. or PhD degree in the field. You can also opt for specialized courses including homeland security, information security and emergency management to name a few. Emphasis is on research, theory and academic investigation.

Rutgers State University

The disciplines of sociology and anthropology are integrated and the technology advancement is amazing.

State University of New York Albany

The University was established more than 40 years ago and offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The emphasis is on the exploration of theme of crime, the system of criminal justice and effects of crime on the society.

University of Missouri

The university is known for its consistent publishing for research in criminal justice. Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral programs are offered for you to take upon. A three-year undergraduate program is also offered.

Everest College

It is considered as the most convenient and affordable option as it offers comprehensive justice programs online as well as in 23 different states.

Heald College

With focus on business management, administration and investigations, degrees in criminal law and criminology are offered.

Other names for some great options for the year 2012 include American Intercontinental University online, Colorado Technical University, LA College International Online, Liberty University, Florida State University, Michigan State University and University of Pennsylvania.

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