Criminal Justice Schools by State

What Can I Do with a Law Enforcement Degree?

Law enforcement training will vary depending upon where you go to school. For many people who are trying to balance work and school, the answer is securing a degree online. There are a host of jobs and positions available in the field of law enforcement. You will need to determine what your interests are in order to decide what courses to take. By taking classes online you can work at your own pace. You will be able to work as much or as little on any given day as you would like.

Law enforcement training will involve several phases. In addition to learning what the laws are and what constitutes a violation of the law, you will have to learn about procedures. You will need to learn what the applicable punishments for various crimes. You will also need to learn about procedures for investigating crimes and apprehending suspects. This will mean everything from learning proper techniques for collecting evidence, questioning suspects and following leads. You will also learn how to mediate and talk with suspects. Handling hostage negotiations can be a vital part of your job as a law enforcement professional.

Another key component of your training will involve familiarizing you with the various programs and systems that law enforcement agencies have at their disposals. After you have secured a degree in the law enforcement field, you will want to look into potential career paths. Many people use their degrees to pursue careers with the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and local law enforcement agencies.

If you are interested in working for yourself you can use your training to open your own private investigation agency. Each state has their own requirements for private investigators and the licensing. A new and growing field is cyber security. As online crime becomes more prevalent, this career will grow as well and become more in demand. If you have an interest in computers as well as law enforcement this may be the ideal career path for you. Forensics is also a popular career. Television shows and movies have brought the field to the forefront. Forensics is a field that will require a great deal of knowledge.

In addition to your degree, the agency that hires you will undoubtedly want you to undergo their own briefings on policies and procedures. No matter what you choose to do with it, a degree in the field of law enforcement is a wonderful career choice.

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Why is Criminology So Popular?

Criminology, as the spelling implies, is the study of criminals. Not just the study of the actual criminals themselves, but the way that they actually committed their crimes. It studies their thought processes, what was going through their minds before, during, and after the crimes, and if they were criminals that committed multiple crimes – like a serial killer, or someone similar – then it also studies why they thought that they needed to continue to commit those crimes.

The study of criminology has always been a popular subject, but it has become more and more popular in recent years because of the new influx of television shows that show the government and different police departments around the United States solving crimes and doing forensic work to help solve crimes even faster. The main television shows that are the most popular right now include all of the CSI, or Crime Scene Investigation, series. There is a regular CSI, there is a CSI: Miami, and a CSI: New York as well. All three of those are incredibly popular and can be found playing on the television every single day of the week for hours on end. Another series that is a bit newer, but also just as popular is called Criminal Minds. This television show takes the use of criminology to the next level by using it to study the behaviors and thought processes of the criminals that they are searching for with every single case that comes across their desks.

Many people these days have discovered that they are able to do some of the same things that they seen on these television shows by earning degrees and certificates within the field of criminology. Fortunately, for busy people out there in the world, there is a way to get a degree in criminology without quitting their jobs or leaving their places of work.

Now there are programs online that allow people to get their degrees in criminology from online schools. They can work around their busy schedules while studying for their online courses and exams. It won't take very long to get a degree in criminology, and it's even better that these people can keep working and earning a living at the same time that they are personally bettering themselves. These online criminology degrees are a very good idea, and are another example of how our modern world is making life easier to grab a hold of.

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Where Can Court Reporting School Take my Career?

If you are interested in attending a court reporting school, you will be happy to know that the availability of those schools is growing, and they can even be found on the World Wide Web. When you choose to attend a court reporting school found online you are providing yourself with a convenient way to earn your degree in a short period of time, all without ever stepping foot outside of the home.

There are around 60 accredited schools scattered across the United States, and about double that in non-accredited schools. The majority of those schools will offer an online program for you to choose from.

The cost of attending a court reporting school is determined by various factors. Most schools will charge a per-semester rate. The good news is that these fees are usually quite reasonable, and when you turn to online schools, the costs are even less. Expect to spend somewhere in the range of $5,000 to $10,000 for the entire duration of your school. That is far less than the $10,000 to $15,000 that some colleges and universities may charge to attain a degree.

Remember, financial aid is available for those who qualify at a majority of these schools, even those online. Loans, grants and scholarships are all available and can help ease the burden of getting your degree.

While it is possible to work in a courtroom after obtaining this degree, you might be surprised to learn that as many as 1/3 of all students who graduate from such a program do not actually work inside of a courtroom. Many court reporters actually work for attorneys or different agencies and are known as freelance court reporters. With the stenography training that you also receive in the schools you can even work in communications or broadcasting if you choose to.

The actual facility in which you will work is ultimately a decision that you must make for yourself. You are always free to go back and change your mind if you want. Online court reporting schools offer you the choice.

Today the world is designed so that more people can succeed even if their time or money is limited. If you have dreamed of earning a degree in a field that offers great pay and a supply of jobs, attending court reporting schools online is the next step that you should take. Your degree could be just one click away.

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Online Court Reporting Schools Pave the Way for a Unique Job

A job as a court reporter is one that is most unique. It is filled with many rewards for those who choose to take their career in this direction. Thanks to the many court reporting schools available on the web, earning such a degree could be something that you start working towards right away. Court reporters who obtain their degree online find just as much success as those who attend an on-campus program, all without the hassle and headache of sitting in a classroom all day long.

Becoming a court reporter isn’t the easiest of things to do. It takes a special kind of person with dedication and a desire to succeed. Those who choose to become court reporters are men and women who enjoy criminal matters and courtroom activities but also enjoy a job that allows them freedom. Not only can a court reporting degree get your foot inside the door to a great career inside the courtroom, the degree could also open up your eyes to many other possibilities. Freelance court reporting is very popular, and when you take your career in this direction the possibilities are endless. Training to become a court reporter takes only a minimal amount of time, especially when you look into the online court reporting schools.

Online training courses provide students all of the necessary instruction to become a certified court reporter. You’ll find quality instructors who care about their students and seeing that they become the very best court reporter that can be found. You, in return, will complete assignments as required, study your materials and out all of your effort into getting your degree. Because you are working online there is no worry of sitting inside of a classroom all day, and you can work at your own pace, at your own time.

Students who wish to complete a court reporting school online will be happy to know that the costs of attending such a school are lessened when you utilize this type of education. You might find prices of tuition cut in half when you choose to earn your degree through an online curriculum. Along with those great price reductions, online schools accept financial aid from those who are qualified. Financial aid can make it easy for those who may otherwise be unable to go back to school do so with monetary assistance to pay for tuition, room and board, and more.

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New Criminal Justice Programs Open up Exciting Careers to All

Thanks to the launch of new criminal justice programs, there are now more options available for earning a law degree. In the past, there were very limited options for those interested in pursuing a criminal justice or law career. This included many programs having very hard eligibility requirements and also very high yearly tuition costs. Because of these two factors, many people had to delay their goal of working in the legal field.

Fortunately today however, there are now numerous law degree programs available across the country and online. These programs also offer flexible student financing and also much less stringent eligibility requirements. This has been very welcome news to thousands of people. This includes those who did not meet previously the eligibility requirements, and also those who could not afford the tuition cost because they were living on a very limited budget.

Some of the schools currently offering law degree options in law enforcement and criminal justice are Keiser University Graduate School, Upper Iowa University, Virginia College, American InterContinental University, Strayer University, Everest College Phoenix, Walden University and Colorado Technical Institute Online. All these schools offer flexible degree courses, and they all also offer flexible tuition grant and loan options.

In terms of individual courses, at Walden University for example, students can either enroll in courses that focus on human services or leadership development. The human services courses are designed for careers in public service or the federal government. While the leadership development courses are designed for careers as a police lieutenant or captain, and police officer. The human services courses are part of the bachelors degree program, while the leadership development courses are part of the advanced masters degree curriculum.

For those who are interested in a career as a paralegal, you now have the option of taking paralegal studies at either Virginia College or Post University. Each school offers the option of taking courses online. These courses are designed to provide students all the skills and knowledge they need to earn their paralegal certification. In most cases, students can find good paying jobs at insurance companies and law firms after they graduate. In terms of salary, the average salary for most paralegals today is between thirty nine to forty five thousand dollars a year.

Overall, the job forecast for the criminal justice and paralegal fields is expected to be very positive for at least the next ten to fifteen years. This includes steady job growth and gradually increase in salaries.

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Law Enforcement Career Options Continue to Diversify

Due to the recent rise in specific types of crime, there are now more colleges and universities offering law enforcement training programs.

In order to meet the demand for additional crime scene investigators and police officers, hundreds of schools across the country have recently developed new law enforcement and criminal justice degree programs.

One of these schools is Everest University Online, which currently offers associates, bachelors and master degree programs in areas like criminal investigations, homeland security and criminal justice. For those who may be wondering why a criminal justice school would be offering homeland security courses, it is primarily due to the requests made by local law polices offices, who are handling growing numbers of homeland security related cases. In the past, most of these types of cases were generally handled by the CIA or FBI. In recent years however, a growing number of potential terrorist threats have been made in local towns and communities. As a result, local police officers today are being required to have some knowledge and training in regards to homeland security safety procedures.

Another school that offers a full menu of law enforcement training courses is American InterContinental University. Some of its current curriculum consists of bachelor of science degrees in corrections and case management, associate degrees in criminal justice administration, bachelor of information technology degrees in digital investigation, and also bachelor degrees in homeland security and crisis management. An additional feature that American InterContinental University offers its students is a real life focus on criminal situations.

In terms of job opportunities and careers, those who earn bachelor and master degrees are typically able to find well paying jobs with large international airports and local area police offices. The positions at the airport usually involve working with homeland security teams and agents. Although the work can sometimes be very stressful, most graduates enjoy the challenge. The positions at local area police stations generally involve working as a police captain, parole officer or undercover agent. Some of these undercover assignments may include setting up sting operations to catch child predators, illegal immigrants and drug smugglers.

The pay for these positions can vary greatly based on specific location, employer and level of education. At the current time, the average salary for these positions is between forty two thousand and sixty five thousand dollars per year. However, those graduates who work in homeland security, usually earn about thirteen to seventeen percent more than the current average salary.

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Criminal Justice Colleges Curriculum Updates

There have been a lot of changes in the curriculum at criminal justice colleges over the years, due to all changes in various areas of crime. In an effort to assure that students are fully equipped to pursue jobs and careers when they graduate, many criminal justice colleges have updated their degree programs and online courses.

As an example, Everest University Online has recently updated and expanded its degree courses with changes which have included adding bachelors and masters degree certifications. It should also be noted that some of these courses are being taught by former law enforcement professionals. As a result, they are able to provide students real life examples and experience. These real life scenarios allow students to get a more realistic idea of what it is like to work in the criminal justice field.

In addition to Everest University, Kaplan University, Post University and Walden University have also updated and expanded their curriculum programs. At Kaplan University, students now the option of earning a degree in criminal justice that focuses on international law and global crime. This particular program is designed to provide students the skills they need to qualify for criminal justice job opportunities both domestically and overseas.

At Post University, there are now options for students to take criminal justice courses that focus on human services and paralegal studies. These programs are open to all students, and can usually be completed within sixteen to twenty four months.

Along with traditional criminal justice courses, Walden University is now offering students the option of taking courses focusing on public policy administration and executive management. These are both advanced degree programs, and can take up to two to three years to fully complete.

In regards to job opportunities, many students are able to find jobs in the public and private sectors when they graduate. Some examples include working as a personal body guard for public government officials, criminal investigator for insurance companies and law firms, law officer with a local city or county police office, state patrol officer, personal private investigator, parole officer, and airport security agent.

In terms of salary, those who have master’s degrees generally earn about fifteen to twenty five percent more than those who have bachelors or associate degrees. At the present time, the current average salary for bachelor degree and associate graduates is thirty seven thousand to fifty two thousand dollars while master degree graduates generally earn fifty five to seventy five thousand dollars per year.

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Choosing Between Criminal Justice Schools

Police officers and detectives are a couple of the jobs that require an individual to attend criminal justice schools. Therefore, people who obtain criminal justice degrees normally do much better in this job market. Although this is a competitive field and has a large job base around the country, not all colleges or universities offer criminal justice degrees or programs. Therefore, for those who have a strong interest in this field, one of the first things that they should do is search around for criminal justice schools that will offer an accredited criminal justice program. It is also best to identify schools that provide a comprehensive curriculum.

Before choosing between criminal justice schools, the individual will have to decide whether they want to pursue an associate degree, bachelor degree or a master's degree in this field. Graduate school programs are often limited. However, the person will have a wider selection of schools to choose from if they want to pursue an associate or bachelor degree. Fortunately, the person can call around to different colleges within their area for information needed or they may want to do their research online before calling or visiting the school. As with any other course of study, the schools will have certain prerequisites that each student must meet before attending. While some schools may be lenient, others may require the student to possess a certain grade point average along with other specifications.

To get the best out of these programs, the student should look for schools that have small class sizes. These schools can provide a better quality education. Schools that are inadequately staff with teachers, place unnecessary strains on their students education and what they learn. When researching online, the student will often find that most colleges will have this information posted on their websites. They will also provide this information over the phone when asked. Another part of this process is inquiring about the criminal justice courses offered.

Most of these programs will require their students to take an established number of specific courses. These students will also have a chance to choose some elective courses to complete the number of required credits. Within the criminal justice system, the student may want to pursue the paralegal area. Therefore, the student should choose a specific area before applying.

Much of this research can be streamlined by visiting a website which details all available options to the prospective student.

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Modern Criminal Justice Careers

Just like many other educational institutions, a large number of criminal justice colleges have also changed significantly over the past several years.

One of the most notable changes has been the addition of online courses. For many years, most criminal justice schools only offered classed in brick and mortar buildings. However, as the demand for more convenient options and educational needs changed over years, many criminal justice schools started implementing online courses into their educational curriculum.

The biggest group of people who have benefited the most from this change are working adults. Before online courses were available, many full time working people had to delay going back to school to earn their degree. However, now that these online courses are available, they are able to take courses after work and earn degrees in areas like criminal investigation and criminal justice.

In regards to current career trends, criminal justice is one the top five career choices. One of the reasons this field has become so popular is the increasing percentage of crime. Unfortunately, there are many cities across the country today that are experiencing increases in vehicle thefts and homicides. As a result, many are in need of individuals who have criminal justice degrees.

There are currently a wide variety of degree programs available, which includes a Master of Science of Degree. In this particular program, the main areas of study are homeland security policies, emergency management, law and public policy, peace mediation, policy analysis, and public management & leadership. There are also a variety of criminal justice bachelor degree programs available, which focus on areas such as human services, criminal justice management, and computer information security.

In terms of salary, many of those who earn criminal justice degrees today are able to find entry level jobs that pay in the forty five to sixty five thousand dollar range. The variation in starting salary is based on degree level and also on relevant years of experience. For those who are currently working in the criminal justice field and want to earn an advance degree, many criminal justice colleges today also offer specialized accelerated programs. These programs are designed to help individuals with bachelors degrees, earn a masters of science degree in criminal justice in just several months.

Some of the colleges that currently offer bachelors and master of science programs include Everest University Online, Virginia College and Walden University.

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How Much Can a Crime Scene Investigator Earn?

The salary for a crime scene investigator has been gradually increasing over the past ten years. Some of the reasons for this salary increase are directly related to the growing number of homicide cases. In cities like Detroit and Atlanta for example, homicide cases are growing at a rapid rates, which most people blame on the economy. As a result of these growing homicide numbers, local county sheriff and police offices are in constant need of additional crime scene investigators.

In regards to currently salary figures, many criminal investigators today earn between forty three and seventy five thousand dollars per year. This is about a three percent increase from 2010. Since most criminal investigators generally work forty plus hours per week, they feel that this salary increase is totally justified.

In addition to base pay, a crime scene investigator salary also typically includes a generous pension plan, paid vacation and sick days, and in most cases fully paid healthcare benefits. In order to get the higher paying salaries however, it requires having a bachelors or master degree in crime scene investigation.

At most schools that currently offer crime investigation degree programs, a preliminary test is required before a student can be registered. In order to make the studying and degree process much easier, most of these schools are offering online programs. These online options have proven to be very convenient for full time working adults and also for stay at home parents. In an effort to ensure that all students are fully trained and prepared for a crime scene investigation career, class courses have been updated to reflect the recent increase in crime.

The primary duties of a criminal investigator include gathering criminal evidence that can be used in court, taking photographs of the crime scene, assisting medical examiners, creating crime sketches and diagrams, retrieving physical items from the crime victim's body, writing up administrative reports, and also testifying in crime related court courses. Most of the crimes investigated generally fall under categories like armed robbery, homicide, sexual assault, home invasion and aggravated battery.

With regards to program courses, students are trained and tested in areas such as fingerprint processing, photography, crime scene processing, arson investigation and forensic pathology.

In 2013, the average crime scene investigator salary is expected to increase by another two or three percent. This increase will largely be for investigators working in large urban cities. However, those with master degrees and special certification will probably earn about three to four thousand dollars more per year.

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Police Certification Courses

In recent months, some criminal justice colleges and universities have started updating their police training programs. This is being done as a result of all the new responsibilities and challenges many police officers are facing today.

It might be hard to believe, but in earlier times the primary issues that a typical police officer dealt with were things like people jaywalking, shoplifting, and occasional liquor store robberies. Unfortunately, those days and times are long gone, and those minor offenses have been replaced with much more serious crimes. Because of this, many universities and colleges that offer police training degrees and certifications have updated and improved their educational programs.

One of these schools is Everest University, which now offers police certification courses that focus on areas like homeland security and advanced criminal investigation. These new courses were added as a result of the increased number of serious crimes and also due to increased terrorist related activities. In cities like Washington D. C. and New York for example, many local police officers are now being put on special assignments at airports, major hotels and train stations. In order to be considered for a special assignment, these police officers must first earn specialized certification. In most cases, these certifications can be obtained within three to six months. Some of the courses taught in these certification classes include, how to identify a potential terrorist and also how to react in a potential terrorist situation.

At other schools like Colorado Technical and Walden University, there have been several new training courses recently added that are specifically related to leadership and management. Those who take these courses are generally individuals who are responsible for leading special units and police teams. In order for these individuals to lead their teams and units effectively, it requires having good management ability and strong leadership skills.

In terms of individual degree programs, both Walden and Colorado Technical currently offer bachelors and master of science degrees in public administration, homeland security, criminal justice and police training.

In regards to jobs and careers, students who complete all their training are eligible to apply for jobs with local police stations and municipal governments. For an entry level police officer, the salary range is generally between thirty five and forty thousand dollars per year.

Being employed in this field can be very stressful, so it is highly recommend to think this career choice over very carefully. This includes making sure that you are both mentally and emotionally committed to being a police officer.

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Finding the right Court Reporting College is now easy

For those understanding the real value of education, age cannot prove a barrier. And with the introduction of online schools in large numbers everywhere, the dreams of such ambitious people can only be realized faster. However, spotting the right online school is what will decide if you're able to develop your career of choice.

There are students who have failed to make use of the abundant opportunities offered by online educational institutions and curse their fate for not being able to move up the ladder. If you're someone wanting to make a big change in your life prepare yourself for the future by visiting, arguably the best information source when it comes to guiding aspiring candidates to a prosperous career in court reporting. If you're looking for a list of court reporting schools where you can obtain an online criminal justice degree, you're at the right place.

There are now several online court reporting schools in the US that make available different types of criminal justice degree programs, and it's for you to ascertain which program provides the best education to enable you to excel in your new career choice. It can be said site is a powerful reliable source in this regard, as it allows you to simply and quickly compare programs.

Whatever information you need - be it about online school facilities or the various degree program contents - this site has it in abundance. This makes it easy for you to locate the right court reporting schools in your area, and go on to select the one that has the best all-round facilities to suit your needs. Even if you're employed right now, this site will help you trace the ideal online school that will suit your schedule.

You will be in for a pleasant surprise when you have a look at the long list of online colleges and universities at the site. From Virginia College, Keiser University, and Kaplan University to Walden University, Everest College Online, and Harrison College, you can find all the top-ranking online law educational institutions in the country here.

So make sure that you're choosing a perfect educational plan that will guarantee you a fantastic career in this field. The court reporting colleges you find here will allow you to drop the dead end job you are currently in, and work your way at your own pace into a real career that you can enjoy and be proud of.

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An Exciting New Career in Criminal Justice

Moving into a career in criminal justice is certainly a life changing course. The problem lies in which criminal justice college do you attend. This field of education has gained high profile attention, from news and media to the films in Hollywood which exaggerate the life of someone who has majored in criminal justice. This has lead to a boom in interest in the field, and one needs to be able to stand out from the crowd if one wishes to land a position.

To determine just exactly where one should attend school for such a degree, the first thing one has to determine is what sort of degree they require. To attain an education in criminal justice one needs an Associate, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Not every school offers these so you need to make sure the criminal justice colleges you look at offer these degrees, and choose which level you will aim for.

The next thing you need to consider is the location of the college in question. If you can only find a college which is a long way away then does that make it reasonable or economical for you to attend school? This can be a big issue with criminal justice colleges. This can be solved with online schooling. Online courses afford people the ability to take their courses from home. When you take your classes online you can easily earn your degree in criminal justice.

However not all online classes or colleges are made the same. You need to check the online availability and course history of the online school you are looking into. Do not be afraid to read reviews from people who have already attended classes at these online schools. Recommendations are important for when you are choosing your own online school for a new career in criminal justice.

Criminal justice college can be a lot of work but it will certainly pay off in the end when you complete your classes. There are hundreds of jobs in criminal justice which can offer you job security and a decent income from your new job.

Perhaps more importantly is that you can move into a field that you truly find interesting, meaning you can enjoy your work. This is something which many people overlook in their scramble to find a lucrative and secure job – but being happy in one’s chosen life-long career is perhaps the most important factor.

Law enforcement agencies may require additional training.

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Growing Job Prospects for Law Degree Graduates

When it comes to getting a law degree today, there are a large variety of options. This includes having the ability to earn a degree from a traditional law school or earning a degree online. Due to the number of working adults wanting to earn an additional degree so they can advance their careers, there are now many colleges and universities that are offering course programs over the internet. One of the most popular law degree options today is a degree in law enforcement.

As the growing number of law enforcement jobs continue increasing in many parts of the country, there are many people employed in other various fields who are consider changing their career paths to become a professional law enforcement official. Some of the local police departments that are increasing their staff include several located in metro-Atlanta such as the city of Decatur, Woodstock, Sandy Springs, and the city of Alpharetta. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of local residents enrolling in online law enforcement programs.

Some of the schools they are enrolling in include Grand Canyon University, Keiser University, ITT Online, Baker Online College, Strayer University, Virginia College, and University of Rockies Online. Each one of these schools offers competitive and affordable online degree courses. Some of the program majors include law enforcement safety and other related courses such as public safety administration and criminal justice.

In most major markets today, the average law enforcement official earns anywhere from thirty nine thousand to over fifty five thousand dollars a year. In addition, most of these jobs also come with fully paid employee benefits package.

Once a person earns this type of degree, they become qualified and eligible to apply for a wide variety and range of jobs. Some include working at city or county police stations, working in a public safety service capacity, security operations at an airport, and also as a personal safety officer for a celebrity, business owner or high ranking government official.

There are currently two types of degree options which are a bachelors programs and a masters certification course. Most bachelor programs last two to four years, while most master degree programs can range from fourteen to eighteen months. The outlook for future job opportunities remains very positive, as a result of various state government agencies and thousands of local county police precincts across the country continue increasing their security staff.

Law enforcement agencies may require additional training.

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The Role of the Crime Scene Investigator

The role of a crime scene investigator has become more important with the rising number of crimes across the country that use crime scene evidence as irrefutable proof of a criminal’s guilt, in the form of DNA evidence. Taking crime scene investigation as a profession is a very good option for many youngsters searching for a practical course. Crime scene investigators play a major role in crime scene investigations and help to solve complex problems related to homicide, burglary, home invasion, robbery by arms, and sexual assault.

As a crime scene investigator, one’s chief responsibilities may include:
• Securing the crime scene by putting up barricades and police security before searching for the evidence
• Gathering the required evidence from the crime scene and securing it in a proper manner
• Storing the evidence gathered in a safe and secure environment
• Taking photographs of the crime scene
• Preparing a report on the exact state of the different items present in the crime scene
• Drawing sketches of certain items that are not clear in photographs
• Preparing the necessary forms that are required to be filled in for judicial purposes
• Helping medical experts in removing evidence from the body of the victim
• Testifying in court regarding the methods employed to collect evidence

Thus the responsibility of a crime scene investigator is huge, and hence the compensation that is provided for such investigators is also very high.

Before getting a suitable position, one has to ensure that they have the required and relevant qualification needed to go the distance. There are a number of online degree schools available to take up a degree course in crime scene investigation. In order to get information regarding the different degree schools and the job prospects available after completing the course, one can go to One can do a comparative study of the different parameters related to the online courses including cost, time, commitment and financial aid options. One can also look at certain popular schools based on ratings provided by the students.

This website lists the different online schools that provide criminal investigation degrees, Master degrees and research opportunities. By enrolling in one such school, the prospective CSI will go through subjects such as fingerprint processing, death investigation, photography, blood splatter interpretation, forensic pathology and arson investigation. It is a sure-fire way to quickly get into an interesting and important line of work.

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Probation Officer Training

Probation officers certainly have a very important role to play in the modern times. They are one of the few links that help criminals settle down in the society and lead a normal life. They deal with the people who instead of serving a jail term are out on probation and are trying to make life better for the times to come. They ensure that the terms of the probation are met by the offenders and keep in close touch with them and their family members. They are required to work with court as well, as they provide insights about the progress and aids in making recommendations related to the sentence.

The probation officer training program is meant for the newly hired officers and is sponsored by the government. You are required to take up the same and get a completion certificate before you can become a probation officer. The first two weeks of the training includes classroom instructions related to court probation procedures and state codes. Basic officer and firearm training is also included; however, the duration varies from one state to another. Once done, a certification test is conducted. The training needs to completed within the first six months of being hired.

Periodically, you may be required to take up additional courses for continuous upgrade.

After getting the certificate, you would be required to work under the supervision of an expert officer for a period ranging from six to 12 months. After completing the same, you can start working on your own.

The training includes guidance on:
• Investigation
• Location monitoring
• Liability issues
• Interviewing
• Weapon Use
• Domestic Violence
• Substance abuse training
• Ethics
• Cultural Awareness

Training not only increases the knowledge and skills of the officer that help them in their routine work but also aids in getting a higher salary and position in the law enforcement agency.

Before a candidate can be selected for probation officer training, he must have certain minimum qualifications. He must be at least 21 years of age and must have a four-year bachelor's degree in a related field. A few options include criminal justice, law enforcement, behavioral science and psychology among others. A master's degree is an added advantage and improves the chances of selection.

Juvenile and Adult Training
The training varies for Juvenile and adult probation officers. However, the basic purpose and methodology remains the same.

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Private Investigator Training Programs Get a Facelift

The changes in private investigator training programs have been significant, due to an increase in certain types of crime, and changes in how many crimes are committed. Long gone are the days when getting a degree to become a private investigator meant getting a job to track down someone's lost dog or spouse.

Although there is still a strong need for well trained and well qualified traditional private investigators, there is also an increased need for investigators that are well trained in very specific areas as well. For example, many private investigator training schools today provide educational training courses in the areas of drug smuggling and illegal immigration. Because these two areas have grown so much over the past few years, many schools now offer training in these areas as part of their degree programs.

Due to all the changes in immigration requirements, many private investigators are currently being hired by state and local government to investigate private companies to ensure that they are properly following all the new immigration laws and procedures. Part of the investigators job may involve going undercover as an applicant, in order to get a firsthand look at a company's hiring practices. Some of the training techniques schools are providing for this type of job include how to review applicant paperwork and also how to identify illegal hiring procedures.

One school that is offering online private investigator training and other related courses is Walden University. The school currently offers online courses in private investigation and also in terrorism and mediation management.

Some students that have earned degrees in these areas have typically found jobs working at high profile hotels and major international airports. Salary ranges for these positions can vary based on education and experience, and generally range from sixty thousand to over one hundred thousand dollars a year. The degree options available for these programs include Bachelors and Masters degrees.

In addition, there are also many online private investigation courses being offered in the area of homeland security. Due to the rising number of terrorist attacks in recent years, many private investigators are now being hired to go undercover at select government agencies and border patrol checkpoints. In most cases, these jobs require a specialized Masters certification. Schools that currently offer these specialized courses online include North central University, Beacon Hill Career High School and the Colorado Technical Institute. It is also important to note that most of these schools offer tuition grants and low interest rate student loans.

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Criminologists Understand the Criminal Mind

The study of criminal activity and even the nature of crime itself is called Criminology. This word was first used by Professor Raffaele Garofalo in Italy. By studying these aspects of the criminal mind we can then understand how and why a crime has been committed. This can be from studying the motive of a criminal to the factors which have caused a suspect to resort to crime. While considered a branch of sociology, this field is also a criminal justice priority and can be obtained with a law degree in criminology.

A criminologist is someone who studies a type of crime. They compare previous studies with a current crime to make sense of it and understand it. This is how criminologists can learn to understand the criminal mind and what drives a person to commit a criminal act.

There are some specific areas of focus of study when becoming a criminologist. These areas of study can include a crime’s location, the frequency of a crime, and the type of crime, the cause, and also the effect on society as a whole. The ability to gauge how a crime will impact the people around you or the area in which the crime has been committed is a valuable tool.

The job of a criminologist requires a lot of hard work and dedication. While these positions are in great demand they are not as glamorous as television and Hollywood would portray them to be. A criminologist works closely with local law enforcement. While not an actual police officer, a criminologist can be employed by many different police departments. A criminologist also spends their time making a lot of reports. Documentation is important and writing up your findings and views of a crime is just as important as you need to be able to articulate yourself and share it with other law enforcement agencies.

Becoming a criminologist is relatively easy. All you need is an undergraduate degree. Of course further studying is always good and obtaining your Master’s is always a viable option to make yourself more employable. This career can be exciting and even rewarding, as you are out there making a difference in the world. Criminologists are just as important as police, if not more so, because only through criminology can police and law enforcement agencies understand the mind which is perpetrating crimes. What better way to catch your prey than to know the culprit better than they know themselves?

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