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There have been a lot of changes in the curriculum at criminal justice colleges over the years, due to all changes in various areas of crime. In an effort to assure that students are fully equipped to pursue jobs and careers when they graduate, many criminal justice colleges have updated their degree programs and online courses.

As an example, Everest University Online has recently updated and expanded its degree courses with changes which have included adding bachelors and masters degree certifications. It should also be noted that some of these courses are being taught by former law enforcement professionals. As a result, they are able to provide students real life examples and experience. These real life scenarios allow students to get a more realistic idea of what it is like to work in the criminal justice field.

In addition to Everest University, Kaplan University, Post University and Walden University have also updated and expanded their curriculum programs. At Kaplan University, students now the option of earning a degree in criminal justice that focuses on international law and global crime. This particular program is designed to provide students the skills they need to qualify for criminal justice job opportunities both domestically and overseas.

At Post University, there are now options for students to take criminal justice courses that focus on human services and paralegal studies. These programs are open to all students, and can usually be completed within sixteen to twenty four months.

Along with traditional criminal justice courses, Walden University is now offering students the option of taking courses focusing on public policy administration and executive management. These are both advanced degree programs, and can take up to two to three years to fully complete.

In regards to job opportunities, many students are able to find jobs in the public and private sectors when they graduate. Some examples include working as a personal body guard for public government officials, criminal investigator for insurance companies and law firms, law officer with a local city or county police office, state patrol officer, personal private investigator, parole officer, and airport security agent.

In terms of salary, those who have master’s degrees generally earn about fifteen to twenty five percent more than those who have bachelors or associate degrees. At the present time, the current average salary for bachelor degree and associate graduates is thirty seven thousand to fifty two thousand dollars while master degree graduates generally earn fifty five to seventy five thousand dollars per year.

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