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The study of criminal activity and even the nature of crime itself is called Criminology. This word was first used by Professor Raffaele Garofalo in Italy. By studying these aspects of the criminal mind we can then understand how and why a crime has been committed. This can be from studying the motive of a criminal to the factors which have caused a suspect to resort to crime. While considered a branch of sociology, this field is also a criminal justice priority and can be obtained with a law degree in criminology.

A criminologist is someone who studies a type of crime. They compare previous studies with a current crime to make sense of it and understand it. This is how criminologists can learn to understand the criminal mind and what drives a person to commit a criminal act.

There are some specific areas of focus of study when becoming a criminologist. These areas of study can include a crime’s location, the frequency of a crime, and the type of crime, the cause, and also the effect on society as a whole. The ability to gauge how a crime will impact the people around you or the area in which the crime has been committed is a valuable tool.

The job of a criminologist requires a lot of hard work and dedication. While these positions are in great demand they are not as glamorous as television and Hollywood would portray them to be. A criminologist works closely with local law enforcement. While not an actual police officer, a criminologist can be employed by many different police departments. A criminologist also spends their time making a lot of reports. Documentation is important and writing up your findings and views of a crime is just as important as you need to be able to articulate yourself and share it with other law enforcement agencies.

Becoming a criminologist is relatively easy. All you need is an undergraduate degree. Of course further studying is always good and obtaining your Master’s is always a viable option to make yourself more employable. This career can be exciting and even rewarding, as you are out there making a difference in the world. Criminologists are just as important as police, if not more so, because only through criminology can police and law enforcement agencies understand the mind which is perpetrating crimes. What better way to catch your prey than to know the culprit better than they know themselves?

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