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Law Enforcement Career Options Continue to Diversify

Due to the recent rise in specific types of crime, there are now more colleges and universities offering law enforcement training programs.

In order to meet the demand for additional crime scene investigators and police officers, hundreds of schools across the country have recently developed new law enforcement and criminal justice degree programs.

One of these schools is Everest University Online, which currently offers associates, bachelors and master degree programs in areas like criminal investigations, homeland security and criminal justice. For those who may be wondering why a criminal justice school would be offering homeland security courses, it is primarily due to the requests made by local law polices offices, who are handling growing numbers of homeland security related cases. In the past, most of these types of cases were generally handled by the CIA or FBI. In recent years however, a growing number of potential terrorist threats have been made in local towns and communities. As a result, local police officers today are being required to have some knowledge and training in regards to homeland security safety procedures.

Another school that offers a full menu of law enforcement training courses is American InterContinental University. Some of its current curriculum consists of bachelor of science degrees in corrections and case management, associate degrees in criminal justice administration, bachelor of information technology degrees in digital investigation, and also bachelor degrees in homeland security and crisis management. An additional feature that American InterContinental University offers its students is a real life focus on criminal situations.

In terms of job opportunities and careers, those who earn bachelor and master degrees are typically able to find well paying jobs with large international airports and local area police offices. The positions at the airport usually involve working with homeland security teams and agents. Although the work can sometimes be very stressful, most graduates enjoy the challenge. The positions at local area police stations generally involve working as a police captain, parole officer or undercover agent. Some of these undercover assignments may include setting up sting operations to catch child predators, illegal immigrants and drug smugglers.

The pay for these positions can vary greatly based on specific location, employer and level of education. At the current time, the average salary for these positions is between forty two thousand and sixty five thousand dollars per year. However, those graduates who work in homeland security, usually earn about thirteen to seventeen percent more than the current average salary.

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