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Just like many other educational institutions, a large number of criminal justice colleges have also changed significantly over the past several years.

One of the most notable changes has been the addition of online courses. For many years, most criminal justice schools only offered classed in brick and mortar buildings. However, as the demand for more convenient options and educational needs changed over years, many criminal justice schools started implementing online courses into their educational curriculum.

The biggest group of people who have benefited the most from this change are working adults. Before online courses were available, many full time working people had to delay going back to school to earn their degree. However, now that these online courses are available, they are able to take courses after work and earn degrees in areas like criminal investigation and criminal justice.

In regards to current career trends, criminal justice is one the top five career choices. One of the reasons this field has become so popular is the increasing percentage of crime. Unfortunately, there are many cities across the country today that are experiencing increases in vehicle thefts and homicides. As a result, many are in need of individuals who have criminal justice degrees.

There are currently a wide variety of degree programs available, which includes a Master of Science of Degree. In this particular program, the main areas of study are homeland security policies, emergency management, law and public policy, peace mediation, policy analysis, and public management & leadership. There are also a variety of criminal justice bachelor degree programs available, which focus on areas such as human services, criminal justice management, and computer information security.

In terms of salary, many of those who earn criminal justice degrees today are able to find entry level jobs that pay in the forty five to sixty five thousand dollar range. The variation in starting salary is based on degree level and also on relevant years of experience. For those who are currently working in the criminal justice field and want to earn an advance degree, many criminal justice colleges today also offer specialized accelerated programs. These programs are designed to help individuals with bachelors degrees, earn a masters of science degree in criminal justice in just several months.

Some of the colleges that currently offer bachelors and master of science programs include Everest University Online, Virginia College and Walden University.

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