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New Criminal Justice Programs Open up Exciting Careers to All

Thanks to the launch of new criminal justice programs, there are now more options available for earning a law degree. In the past, there were very limited options for those interested in pursuing a criminal justice or law career. This included many programs having very hard eligibility requirements and also very high yearly tuition costs. Because of these two factors, many people had to delay their goal of working in the legal field.

Fortunately today however, there are now numerous law degree programs available across the country and online. These programs also offer flexible student financing and also much less stringent eligibility requirements. This has been very welcome news to thousands of people. This includes those who did not meet previously the eligibility requirements, and also those who could not afford the tuition cost because they were living on a very limited budget.

Some of the schools currently offering law degree options in law enforcement and criminal justice are Keiser University Graduate School, Upper Iowa University, Virginia College, American InterContinental University, Strayer University, Everest College Phoenix, Walden University and Colorado Technical Institute Online. All these schools offer flexible degree courses, and they all also offer flexible tuition grant and loan options.

In terms of individual courses, at Walden University for example, students can either enroll in courses that focus on human services or leadership development. The human services courses are designed for careers in public service or the federal government. While the leadership development courses are designed for careers as a police lieutenant or captain, and police officer. The human services courses are part of the bachelors degree program, while the leadership development courses are part of the advanced masters degree curriculum.

For those who are interested in a career as a paralegal, you now have the option of taking paralegal studies at either Virginia College or Post University. Each school offers the option of taking courses online. These courses are designed to provide students all the skills and knowledge they need to earn their paralegal certification. In most cases, students can find good paying jobs at insurance companies and law firms after they graduate. In terms of salary, the average salary for most paralegals today is between thirty nine to forty five thousand dollars a year.

Overall, the job forecast for the criminal justice and paralegal fields is expected to be very positive for at least the next ten to fifteen years. This includes steady job growth and gradually increase in salaries.

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