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In recent months, some criminal justice colleges and universities have started updating their police training programs. This is being done as a result of all the new responsibilities and challenges many police officers are facing today.

It might be hard to believe, but in earlier times the primary issues that a typical police officer dealt with were things like people jaywalking, shoplifting, and occasional liquor store robberies. Unfortunately, those days and times are long gone, and those minor offenses have been replaced with much more serious crimes. Because of this, many universities and colleges that offer police training degrees and certifications have updated and improved their educational programs.

One of these schools is Everest University, which now offers police certification courses that focus on areas like homeland security and advanced criminal investigation. These new courses were added as a result of the increased number of serious crimes and also due to increased terrorist related activities. In cities like Washington D. C. and New York for example, many local police officers are now being put on special assignments at airports, major hotels and train stations. In order to be considered for a special assignment, these police officers must first earn specialized certification. In most cases, these certifications can be obtained within three to six months. Some of the courses taught in these certification classes include, how to identify a potential terrorist and also how to react in a potential terrorist situation.

At other schools like Colorado Technical and Walden University, there have been several new training courses recently added that are specifically related to leadership and management. Those who take these courses are generally individuals who are responsible for leading special units and police teams. In order for these individuals to lead their teams and units effectively, it requires having good management ability and strong leadership skills.

In terms of individual degree programs, both Walden and Colorado Technical currently offer bachelors and master of science degrees in public administration, homeland security, criminal justice and police training.

In regards to jobs and careers, students who complete all their training are eligible to apply for jobs with local police stations and municipal governments. For an entry level police officer, the salary range is generally between thirty five and forty thousand dollars per year.

Being employed in this field can be very stressful, so it is highly recommend to think this career choice over very carefully. This includes making sure that you are both mentally and emotionally committed to being a police officer.

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