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Private Investigator Training Programs Get a Facelift

The changes in private investigator training programs have been significant, due to an increase in certain types of crime, and changes in how many crimes are committed. Long gone are the days when getting a degree to become a private investigator meant getting a job to track down someone's lost dog or spouse.

Although there is still a strong need for well trained and well qualified traditional private investigators, there is also an increased need for investigators that are well trained in very specific areas as well. For example, many private investigator training schools today provide educational training courses in the areas of drug smuggling and illegal immigration. Because these two areas have grown so much over the past few years, many schools now offer training in these areas as part of their degree programs.

Due to all the changes in immigration requirements, many private investigators are currently being hired by state and local government to investigate private companies to ensure that they are properly following all the new immigration laws and procedures. Part of the investigators job may involve going undercover as an applicant, in order to get a firsthand look at a company's hiring practices. Some of the training techniques schools are providing for this type of job include how to review applicant paperwork and also how to identify illegal hiring procedures.

One school that is offering online private investigator training and other related courses is Walden University. The school currently offers online courses in private investigation and also in terrorism and mediation management.

Some students that have earned degrees in these areas have typically found jobs working at high profile hotels and major international airports. Salary ranges for these positions can vary based on education and experience, and generally range from sixty thousand to over one hundred thousand dollars a year. The degree options available for these programs include Bachelors and Masters degrees.

In addition, there are also many online private investigation courses being offered in the area of homeland security. Due to the rising number of terrorist attacks in recent years, many private investigators are now being hired to go undercover at select government agencies and border patrol checkpoints. In most cases, these jobs require a specialized Masters certification. Schools that currently offer these specialized courses online include North central University, Beacon Hill Career High School and the Colorado Technical Institute. It is also important to note that most of these schools offer tuition grants and low interest rate student loans.

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