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Probation Officer Training

Probation officers certainly have a very important role to play in the modern times. They are one of the few links that help criminals settle down in the society and lead a normal life. They deal with the people who instead of serving a jail term are out on probation and are trying to make life better for the times to come. They ensure that the terms of the probation are met by the offenders and keep in close touch with them and their family members. They are required to work with court as well, as they provide insights about the progress and aids in making recommendations related to the sentence.

The probation officer training program is meant for the newly hired officers and is sponsored by the government. You are required to take up the same and get a completion certificate before you can become a probation officer. The first two weeks of the training includes classroom instructions related to court probation procedures and state codes. Basic officer and firearm training is also included; however, the duration varies from one state to another. Once done, a certification test is conducted. The training needs to completed within the first six months of being hired.

Periodically, you may be required to take up additional courses for continuous upgrade.

After getting the certificate, you would be required to work under the supervision of an expert officer for a period ranging from six to 12 months. After completing the same, you can start working on your own.

The training includes guidance on:
• Investigation
• Location monitoring
• Liability issues
• Interviewing
• Weapon Use
• Domestic Violence
• Substance abuse training
• Ethics
• Cultural Awareness

Training not only increases the knowledge and skills of the officer that help them in their routine work but also aids in getting a higher salary and position in the law enforcement agency.

Before a candidate can be selected for probation officer training, he must have certain minimum qualifications. He must be at least 21 years of age and must have a four-year bachelor's degree in a related field. A few options include criminal justice, law enforcement, behavioral science and psychology among others. A master's degree is an added advantage and improves the chances of selection.

Juvenile and Adult Training
The training varies for Juvenile and adult probation officers. However, the basic purpose and methodology remains the same.

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