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The Role of the Crime Scene Investigator

The role of a crime scene investigator has become more important with the rising number of crimes across the country that use crime scene evidence as irrefutable proof of a criminal’s guilt, in the form of DNA evidence. Taking crime scene investigation as a profession is a very good option for many youngsters searching for a practical course. Crime scene investigators play a major role in crime scene investigations and help to solve complex problems related to homicide, burglary, home invasion, robbery by arms, and sexual assault.

As a crime scene investigator, one’s chief responsibilities may include:
• Securing the crime scene by putting up barricades and police security before searching for the evidence
• Gathering the required evidence from the crime scene and securing it in a proper manner
• Storing the evidence gathered in a safe and secure environment
• Taking photographs of the crime scene
• Preparing a report on the exact state of the different items present in the crime scene
• Drawing sketches of certain items that are not clear in photographs
• Preparing the necessary forms that are required to be filled in for judicial purposes
• Helping medical experts in removing evidence from the body of the victim
• Testifying in court regarding the methods employed to collect evidence

Thus the responsibility of a crime scene investigator is huge, and hence the compensation that is provided for such investigators is also very high.

Before getting a suitable position, one has to ensure that they have the required and relevant qualification needed to go the distance. There are a number of online degree schools available to take up a degree course in crime scene investigation. In order to get information regarding the different degree schools and the job prospects available after completing the course, one can go to One can do a comparative study of the different parameters related to the online courses including cost, time, commitment and financial aid options. One can also look at certain popular schools based on ratings provided by the students.

This website lists the different online schools that provide criminal investigation degrees, Master degrees and research opportunities. By enrolling in one such school, the prospective CSI will go through subjects such as fingerprint processing, death investigation, photography, blood splatter interpretation, forensic pathology and arson investigation. It is a sure-fire way to quickly get into an interesting and important line of work.

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