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Stepping into a Career as a CSI

Just because crime scene investigating is nothing like it is displayed on television does not mean it pays badly. A crime scene investigator salary starts at close to fifty thousand a year. Not a lot to some, but a decent amount to start out at right off the mark. Becoming a crime scene investigator can be an amazing feat for anyone who wants to better their career and make more money. Not only does it make a decent amount of money but it is also very rewarding a career - a career which you can enjoy and be proud of, but yet also pays you well is very rare indeed.

The first thing ones need to do before one can become a crime scene investigator is to go to school. Criminal law is a good start but of course going to school today can be very difficult. With your current job and your private life you can find it hard to make time for school let alone pay for it. However there is a new alternative to that. With today’s advances in technology we can now attend classes online. An online university is cheaper than going to school offline and it also affords you a chance to do the work on your own time. As long as you meet the deadlines and turn in your course work when it is due you should not have a problem.

It will show you that you can indeed change your life and take charge of the direction you are going into. When you see your first paycheck and see just how much a crime scene investigator salary is you will never regret the decision. Of course the job is not as exciting as television makes it out to be but it is still a very interesting one.

In today’s ever up-and-down economy you need a job which is a career, one which you can make a life for yourself and pull in a paycheck which you can never have to worry about money. Living comfortably is what we all aspire to, and when you have an education you can do just about anything, even becoming a crime scene investigator. Being a crime scene investigator also opens up doors for you into other law enforcement careers which you can move into after a while. It literally means that you do almost anything in criminal law and law enforcement.

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Online Degrees are Giving People a Second Chance at Life

As we get older sometimes we realize we have made mistakes in our lives. For some of us we skipped out on furthering our educations after high school or maybe we ended up dropping out of college early for whatever reason. The bottom line is always the same; down the road we always wish we could go back and make something better of ourselves. The internet has allowed many people to do just that. With the ability to log on and enroll in online classes you can now take just about any course, further your education, and better your life with just a few easy key strokes.

There is an online school for everything, including criminal justice schools. This is how people can fit school into their life without having to worry about the pains of a further education. When you’re older you have a life and a job which won’t stop for you from attending school. Some people are forced into night school which can be a pain when you need to make time and then also worry about how you are going to pay for it all. When you enroll in an online school you have just the class syllabus to worry about and you can do the work around your own schedule.

Attending online criminal justice schools can help you gain the education you need for any of the various criminal justice positions. It is much more than being a police officer. You can begin a journey into the ways of becoming a lawyer also you can also become a federal officer as well as work in the correctional facility section of criminal justice.

Finding a new job can be difficult and sometimes you need to do something more than you are now. Whether it is for the self gratification or even a higher pay grade, an education is just about the only ways one can raise up in the ranks of their current profession or peruse a new one. When we are older we seek something more than a simple job we need a career, something which can pay enough for us to live. A job in criminal justice can not only be rewarding but also be a decent job with security and a great salary for anyone who can step up and attend school in order to better themselves. This is why online criminal justice schools are just what you need.

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Benefits of Law Enforcement Careers Drawing Increased Interest from Job-Seekers

The number of people enrolling in some form of law enforcement training has been steadily increasing since 2011. It seems that over the past year, a lot of people have been very interested in the law enforcement field. Some of this interest has come from people who are looking for a totally new career change. This includes those who were laid from their companies, and also those who are just totally burned out from their current job.

In both cases, a career in law enforcement seemed to appeal to these people because it is something totally different from what they were doing in their previous jobs. As an example, many local police agencies are seeing a growing number of former teachers and school administrators applying for law enforcement related positions. In addition, there has also been an increase in police officer applications from people who previously worked in the transportation and construction industries. Due to the severe economic conditions over the past several years, both of these industries have experienced a high percentage of job losses.

When it comes to selecting a career in the law enforcement field, many people are opting to become private security agents and local county police officers. For those who chose careers as private security agents, typically begin their new career with a starting salary of about thirty seven thousand to forty eight thousand dollars per year. On the other hand, those who start their law enforcement career as a police officer, generally begin with a yearly salary of thirty eight to forty five thousand dollars. Along with good starting salaries, both of these positions also generally offers two to three weeks of paid vacation and also fully paid medical and life insurance benefits.

In terms of which schools these individuals prefer to get their law enforcement training from, some include American InterContinental University Online, Strayer University, Baker College Online, Virginia College, Walden University, Colorado Technical University, Stratford Career Institute, and Upper Iowa University.

Each of these schools offers a variety of course schedules and degree programs. Some of this includes bachelor of science degrees in criminal justice, bachelor degrees in corrections and case management, bachelor of science degrees in security management, associates degrees in criminal justice, master degrees in leadership management and public administration, and also a variety of training programs that offer advanced degrees in homeland security.

In addition, most of these schools also offer provide flexible course schedules and online study options.

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Forensic Science Colleges up 21% from 2010

The number of forensic science colleges launched in the United States last year increased by twenty one percent from 2010. Because of the growing number of jobs in forensic investigation, it is not surprising that so many new forensic science colleges were launched in 2011. These new colleges are spread out across the United Sates, which includes in large cities and small towns. Because of this, more people today are able to earn degrees in forensic criminal investigation.

Prior to 2005, there did not seem to be much interest in forensic based careers. However, with the growing number of crimes that have been committed over the past seven years, forensic investigation job opportunities have been really growing at local police offices and governmental agencies. Just last month for example, some areas saw a fifteen percent increase in new jobs.

When it comes to earning a forensic science degree, some of the school choices currently available today include Kaplan University and Argosy University Online. Both of these schools offer extensive courses and training, which are designed to help graduates attain high paying jobs. At Kaplan University, there are currently bachelor degree programs being offered with a specific focus on crime scene investigation. In addition, students also have the option of enrolling in master of science degree programs that focus specifically on criminal justice.

At Agrosy University Online, students can select from a wide range of master degree programs. These programs focus on areas such as law enforcement, homeland security and criminal assessment. After completing these courses, most graduates are able to find good paying jobs at major airports and high profile government agencies.

In terms of salary, many of these positions pay from fifty nine thousand to over seventy five thousand dollars a year. In terms of course time frames, most of these courses only require about nine to twelve hours per week. Due to this minimal time commitment, these programs are ideal for students who have a full time job.

Other schools that also offer degrees in forensic science include Strayer and Ashford universities. At both schools, students have the option of earning forensic science related degrees in a wide variety of specific areas. This includes bachelor degrees in computer security and forensics, and also master of science degrees in criminal justice forensics. Depending upon the program selected, these courses can be completed within twelve to eighteen months.

In terms of future employment outlook, the job forecast in this field is expected to remain positive for the next five to seven years.

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A Degree in Criminal Justice

Presently there are hundreds of universities and colleges in the United States that offer programs to students who want to receive a degree in criminal justice. Every criminal justice college and university school has its own goals and objectives that they must meet if they are going to be successful. While each criminal justice college has their own set goals and objectives, their overall mission is the same, since it involves preparing the student for a career in the criminal justice field. Some of the careers that these schools offer can range from police officer, correction officer, probation officer, social worker along with many other professions under this umbrella.

What goes into a degree in criminal justice? It is actually quite a wide spectrum of skills that the student will learn, as a degree in criminal justice can take a student into a lot of different places once they graduate. A degree in criminal justice can be considered to be a catch-all and will cover all the important elements of the law that a graduate will need. It is possible that they will later want to embellish and add to this knowledge by choosing additional courses as their career becomes more firmly rooted in one of the disciplines within criminal justice.

It may help to take a closer look at one of the universities that offer this to students. For those students who are interested in studying at the University of Maryland, they will find that this program’s goal is to ensure the students who graduate from their criminal justice program will understand the legal system. Therefore, in the program that they offer, students will be introduced to the legal constraint that is needed. These legal constraints will help them to make good and informed decisions in the field. When their students graduate with a degree in criminal justice and they are hired into a corrections officer’s position they will have a complete understanding of both the court and the justice system. Hence, the school will offer a variety of different courses and programs to their students.

Some of these courses and programs will include Introduction to Criminal Justice, Criminal Law in Action, American Government, Law Enforcement Administration, Juvenile Delinquency and Criminal Investigation. In fact, these are only a few examples of the courses and programs offered for those who want to obtain a complete understating of the criminal justice system.

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Parole Officer Training Courses Intensify in Scope

Over the past several years, parole officer training courses have become a lot more intense and interactive. As a result of the changing trends in local area crimes, colleges and universities that offer parole officer degree programs are making sure that their students are receiving advanced courses and training. These advanced courses are designed to provide students updates about the latest parole laws regulations in their area. In large urban cities like Miami where drug trafficking is a major problem, parole officers in this area are being given special training and instructions on how to handle and monitor individuals who are on parole related to drug charges. Because many of these individuals are often required to testify as witnesses in drug related trials, local police departments are making sure that all parole monitoring procedures are being administered properly.

However the first step in getting parole officer certification is by enrolling in a college or university that offers criminal justice courses. Many of these schools offer courses and programs that can be completed within twelve to fourteen months. Some of the course topics featured in these programs include the latest techniques for following up on parolees, tips and advice on how to develop effective communication, and also tips and techniques on how to track down a parolee that is not meeting the requirements of their parole release conditions.

In addition to this, there are also courses on how to track down an assigned parolee who has fled the community or state. In terms of universities and colleges that currently offer parole officer training courses and degree programs, these include Kaplan University, Keiser University, Harrison College, Walden University, American InterContinental University Online, University of the Rockies, Fortis Institute and Grand Canyon University. In regards to individual degree options, these include bachelor of arts degrees in criminal behavior, bachelor of science degree in criminal justice, a bachelors degree in correctional case management, and also several master of science degree programs in public policy and applied criminology.

The current average pay rate today for a probation officer with a bachelors degree is around forty two thousand dollars, while probation officers with master degrees or advanced certification typically earn about forty eight to fifty five thousand dollars per year. In terms of general job duties and responsibilities, these include daily and weekly monitoring of criminal offenders, making follow up recommendations for rehabilitation services, reporting any changes in behavior, conducting requested investigations and also submitting weekly reports.

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Becoming a Court Reporter is a Challenge to Most

Training as a court reporter is an excellent option if you’d like to be taught the skills that will provide you with a promising new career. However, keep in mind that good court reporting schools will have a rigorous program, which can take anywhere from 6 to 33 months to complete, depending on your skill and aptitude.

Both the federal government and the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) require that students be able to type a minimum of 225 words per minute using the specialized court stenograph machine, before they can graduate. This is a very high standard, and court reporting education is filled with stories of students who had to drop out of programs because they could not get their typing speed up to at least that level. Nevertheless, if you have the determination as well as the manual dexterity, you may have what it takes to succeed in graduating from a court reporting course.

In a good court reporting program, you will learn medical and legal vocabulary; grammar, spelling, and other basics of writing and English; speed building in dictation; ethics for court reporting; and all the required technology for today’s court reporters, including how to use both the necessary hardware and software.

Commonly, a court reporting program that you physically attend can be finished in about 33-36 months. However, if you believe that you have the aptitude and self-discipline to work on a self-paced basis, you may wish to look into online court reporting schools, where you may be able to graduate in about 1 year. Once you finish your court reporting courses, you’ll receive a certificate and be able to sit for any certification exam that your state requires.

When searching for court reporting schools, be sure to ask regarding how modern their equipment is; how long their average student takes to reach minimum required typing speeds; what proportion of students graduate; what proportion of graduates pass your state’s certification exam, if there is one; what proportion of their students become reporters; and what the school’s graduation requirements are. It is also important to check into what the program faculty’s credentials are, including how many are nationally credentialed as Certified Reporting Instructors.

You should check, too, to see whether the school has an internship program. The standard of the NCRA is that they approve only schools which offer such a program to their court-reporting students. And finally, ask whether the school offers job placement assistance.

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A Rewarding and Challenging Career Fighting Crime

The criminal mind is a very complex thing for the majority of people to understand. There are, however, many people that are intrigued by the criminal mind and because of that, many men and women choose to get a degree in criminology. Criminology is basically the study of the criminal mind and criminal activity. Even though a person can never really predict human behavior there are some common things that can be traced to crime and the reasons that crimes are committed, and the types of people that are more prone to commit crimes.

There are many careers choices that can be made after getting a degree in criminology. Law enforcement is really a rewarding career. When a person works in law enforcement, they are able to see first-hand how the justice system works. They are able to help their fellow lay abiding citizens, and every night that person can lay there head down knowing that they are doing all that they can to help out society.

Criminal investigators also need to know a lot about the criminal minds as well. As a criminal investigator a person works very closely not only with the victims of crimes and their family members, but they have to also work with criminals and people that may be accused of being criminals as well. It can be a very complicated job, because those are really the people that can get to the heart of the crimes, and they, more than anyone, would really need to have a full understanding of the rights and laws, and they would have to understand the mind of a criminal, and also they would need to know how to get the truth out of them.

Careers in the actual court room can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Having to exact justice on a criminal requires a lot of knowledge not only about the circumstances of the crime, but also the mental health and the state of mind of the person being accused. For that reason, any person that decides to start a career working as a lawyer, or a judge should think about getting a degree in criminology as well.

There are many different people with different interest in the criminal justice system. That is the great thing about getting a degree in the study of crime and criminals. It is such a great way to start, and to be able to get into a rewarding and challenging career.

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Scholarships Available for Criminal Justice Careers

People who major in criminal justice will be involved in programs that cover the legal system as it relates to keeping order in society. The criminal justice field offers the people who pursue this area a number of different options when they are trying to choose their profession, including various kinds of law enforcement occupations. When studying criminal justice, the students will find that it is a popular endeavor. For those who are interested in this field, they can acquire their bachelors degree and higher qualifications according to their specific personal desire. With many people currently looking to make a career change, the number of applicants has spiked.

One of the best things about this field is that there are numerous grants available that can help to assist in the individual’s pursuit. Some of the scholarships and grants that are available for criminal justice majors include a special scholarship fund – the Whitmire Scholarship. This fund is available for any students who can qualify and it offers $500 for several different majors including police administration, criminal justice, political science and criminology. This scholarship is an opportunity for both full-time as well as part-time students. It can also be used for undergraduate and graduate students who major in these specific areas. Before the student is considered for the scholarship, they must have an excellent academic school record.

In addition to the Whitmire Scholarship, the National Black Police Association offers the Alphonso Deal Scholarship, which is for students who want to pursue law enforcement. This scholarship has similar career options and criminal justice colleges requirements. One of its main purposes is to assists students in the advancement of criminal justice. To qualify for this scholarship, the student must be in their last year of high school (for high school seniors), provide a recommendation letter of support from at least one of their school officials, submit their high school transcript, and possess and display good character. Another major requirement for this scholarship is acceptance in a two-year or four-year program in criminal justice colleges or a university. The deadline for these applications is June 1.

Some of these scholarships are higher in award that others. This is true for the Sheryl A. Horak Law Enforcement Explorer Memorial Scholarship because it offers a scholarship that has a $1,000-maximum. This amount is available on a yearly basis, since this is the amount that is normally donated.

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Home Security in Law Enforcement Training Degree Programs

In light of all changes in crime over the past few years, law enforcement training degree programs have been updated at many of today's colleges and universities. In order to ensure that their students are properly trained and educated to handle these changing crime trends, the administrators at these schools made it a priority to update their current law enforcement course outline and degree programs. Some of these changes involved adding more programs and courses related to homeland security.

Since some of the changes in crime over the past few years have been related to global security issues and terrorism, many law enforcement students today are being trained to handle situations such as possible bomb threats and potential terrorist attacks. This type of training was previously given primarily to individuals who worked in high level security positions at large hotels and airports located in major cities. However, now that terrorist related activities have been identified in many small towns and communities, this type of training is now also being given to those who work in law enforcement on a local community level.

One school that currently offers a law enforcement training program that specializes in homeland security is Northcentral University. This school has been around for many years, and it has gained a great reputation for teaching the latest homeland security training techniques. In order for potential students to qualify for this course, they must first take a pre-entry exam. The results of this exam will help teachers determine the applicant's level of skills, ability and interest.

In regards to employment and salary, many graduates often find jobs working as captains at local police stations or as a security director at a high profile government agency. In terms of pay, the salary for a police captain can range from forty five to sixty thousand dollars per year. The variation in pay is based on the size and population of the police office and city. For example, a police captain working in New York would probably make more money than a police captain working in a smaller populated city like Savannah, Georgia. In most instances, the higher pay is justified because a police captain working in a city like New York, probably has more responsibilities and also a lot more criminal cases to deal with. While graduates who find jobs working at a governmental agency like the F.B.I. or C.I.A., would most likely earn between fifty eight to ninety five thousand dollars a year.

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How to Find the Best Forensic Science Colleges

Deciding on a career in forensic science can be frustrating if you are not able to locate the best forensic science colleges. A career in forensic science can best be described as challenging and rewarding. Many choose to focus on the crime scene investigation path in this field. There are many great careers one can practice after graduating with a degree in forensic science. What is most important is to find a college that can provide the best education possible for success in the work field.

A job as a forensic scientist is a great career that can be practiced after graduating from a forensic science college. Forensic scientists specialize in analyzing evidence in criminal and legal cases. They are very often called upon to testify in court revealing what they have discovered. There are different areas of specialty a student can focus on when deciding to become a forensic scientist. A few of these career paths are forensic psychiatry, DNA and firearm investigations, and wildlife forensics. Each of these careers requires additional training from forensic science colleges. It is extremely important to find a reputable college that will provide a wealth of knowledge for career success.

Forensic science colleges can be found in several parts of the United States. Most programs have a specialty in criminal justice. Because of the lack of skilled candidates in this field, the job market is expected to grow faster than average. The pay scale for forensic scientists is one of the highest in the field of science technology. Most degree programs in forensic science conclude with the student receiving a bachelor’s degree. However, for a quick start in the field, there are many associate degree and certificate programs currently available.

In searching for a college focusing on forensic science, one must consider several factors. First, the location of the school is highly important; some students are unable to move far away to pursue a career goal. Secondly, selecting a school that focuses on the selected forensic specialty is important. Most students would be unwilling to switch colleges after beginning training in forensic science. Finally, the quality of education is highly important. To be respected as a forensic scientist after graduating, one must have a degree from an accredited school. A great place to find the perfect college for a forensic science degree is - which breaks down all of the various options that you have.

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Online Court Reporting Schools – Accreditation and Financial Aid

Court reporting is a field of study that is available to those who are interested in working in the legal industry. In the past, the only available option for obtaining the essential educational requirements was to take the required classes in a formal classroom setting. Today, this is no longer the only alternative for those who want to pursue this area as a career, since there are court reporting programs offered online. Prior to signing up for any online court reporting schools, each individual should do their own homework. They will have to research the programs offered in multiple court reporting schools.

One of the first steps in looking for the best online programs offered is to search for schools that have been approved and or reviewed by the National Court Reporters Assoc. for Distance Ed. These schools are normally approved by this association when it meets certain standards and requirements. For example, if the student is pursuing an associate of applied science in court reporting, they will have to complete at least 85 credit hours. The courses included in these programs may consist of human relations, shorthand theory, foundations of law, court reporting procedures and medical terminology. Some programs may offer an on-the-job internship, which is scheduled after the student successfully passes the requirement of 180 words per minute (two voice testimony dictation tests). Therefore, before applying for admission, the student should make sure the programs offered meet the appropriate standards for accreditation. This is important because some employers will not accept college degrees that do not come from accredited institutions.

The student should look also for accredited programs because financial aid may be available. These classes can be very costly for those who have to pay for the classes out of pocket. To reduce or eliminate the cost issue, the student can ask about obtaining funds from FAFSA. FAFSA provides grants that do not have to be paid back by the student. On the other hand, if the student cannot qualify for a grant, they may consider a loan if they are reviewing their education as an investment into their future.

Sometimes people may have a desire to go back to school in order to pursue a degree in courtroom reporting. However, they may not have time in their schedule to attend a class in a formal classroom setting. One of the advantages of an online program is being able to attend class from home.

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Top University Choices for Law Degrees

Getting a law degree has become a major priority for many paralegals today. As part of a plan to advance their career, thousands of paralegals across the country have enrolled in colleges and universities that offer legal degree based programs.

One of the schools that offers law related courses is American Inter-Continental University Online. This school offers a wide variety of law classes and also other types of criminal justice courses. These classes are currently being taught in various specialized areas such as criminal investigations, law enforcement, forensic science and corrections and case management. Earning a degree in one of these areas will enable a paralegal to qualify for advanced positions that pay more money and offer increased responsibilities. In some cases, this can mean a pay increase of fifteen to twenty five percent. Some potential employers may include law firms that specialize in areas such as sports management, corporate law and illegal immigration.

Another school that also offers a wide range of law degree related programs is Walden Online University. This school offers students the option of having course times that best fit their schedule. This is a great option for those who want to earn a legal degree but currently have a full time job. By having the ability to earn their degree online, full time workers can either study for their courses before they leave for work in the morning, or after they return from work in the evening. Some of the courses currently being offered at Walden include PhD programs in criminal justice, bachelor of science degree in human services, and also several master of science programs that focus on leadership development and executive management. Those who enroll in these programs are often mid-level managers who work at large corporations. Their goal is to earn an advanced degree so they can apply for a higher profile job. This can include director, vice president and executive level positions.

Along with Walden Online University and American Inter-Continental University Online, other accredited schools that offer law related courses include DeVry University, Northcentral University, Western International University, and Ashworth College. At DeVry University for example, there are currently several courses being offered in cyber security management. While over at Northcentral University, some of the courses currently being offered focus on areas like public policy administration and homeland security. All these courses are included in both bachelors and master degree programs. These programs typically last between twelve to twenty four months.

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