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Benefits of Law Enforcement Careers Drawing Increased Interest from Job-Seekers

The number of people enrolling in some form of law enforcement training has been steadily increasing since 2011. It seems that over the past year, a lot of people have been very interested in the law enforcement field. Some of this interest has come from people who are looking for a totally new career change. This includes those who were laid from their companies, and also those who are just totally burned out from their current job.

In both cases, a career in law enforcement seemed to appeal to these people because it is something totally different from what they were doing in their previous jobs. As an example, many local police agencies are seeing a growing number of former teachers and school administrators applying for law enforcement related positions. In addition, there has also been an increase in police officer applications from people who previously worked in the transportation and construction industries. Due to the severe economic conditions over the past several years, both of these industries have experienced a high percentage of job losses.

When it comes to selecting a career in the law enforcement field, many people are opting to become private security agents and local county police officers. For those who chose careers as private security agents, typically begin their new career with a starting salary of about thirty seven thousand to forty eight thousand dollars per year. On the other hand, those who start their law enforcement career as a police officer, generally begin with a yearly salary of thirty eight to forty five thousand dollars. Along with good starting salaries, both of these positions also generally offers two to three weeks of paid vacation and also fully paid medical and life insurance benefits.

In terms of which schools these individuals prefer to get their law enforcement training from, some include American InterContinental University Online, Strayer University, Baker College Online, Virginia College, Walden University, Colorado Technical University, Stratford Career Institute, and Upper Iowa University.

Each of these schools offers a variety of course schedules and degree programs. Some of this includes bachelor of science degrees in criminal justice, bachelor degrees in corrections and case management, bachelor of science degrees in security management, associates degrees in criminal justice, master degrees in leadership management and public administration, and also a variety of training programs that offer advanced degrees in homeland security.

In addition, most of these schools also offer provide flexible course schedules and online study options.

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