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Forensic Science Colleges up 21% from 2010

The number of forensic science colleges launched in the United States last year increased by twenty one percent from 2010. Because of the growing number of jobs in forensic investigation, it is not surprising that so many new forensic science colleges were launched in 2011. These new colleges are spread out across the United Sates, which includes in large cities and small towns. Because of this, more people today are able to earn degrees in forensic criminal investigation.

Prior to 2005, there did not seem to be much interest in forensic based careers. However, with the growing number of crimes that have been committed over the past seven years, forensic investigation job opportunities have been really growing at local police offices and governmental agencies. Just last month for example, some areas saw a fifteen percent increase in new jobs.

When it comes to earning a forensic science degree, some of the school choices currently available today include Kaplan University and Argosy University Online. Both of these schools offer extensive courses and training, which are designed to help graduates attain high paying jobs. At Kaplan University, there are currently bachelor degree programs being offered with a specific focus on crime scene investigation. In addition, students also have the option of enrolling in master of science degree programs that focus specifically on criminal justice.

At Agrosy University Online, students can select from a wide range of master degree programs. These programs focus on areas such as law enforcement, homeland security and criminal assessment. After completing these courses, most graduates are able to find good paying jobs at major airports and high profile government agencies.

In terms of salary, many of these positions pay from fifty nine thousand to over seventy five thousand dollars a year. In terms of course time frames, most of these courses only require about nine to twelve hours per week. Due to this minimal time commitment, these programs are ideal for students who have a full time job.

Other schools that also offer degrees in forensic science include Strayer and Ashford universities. At both schools, students have the option of earning forensic science related degrees in a wide variety of specific areas. This includes bachelor degrees in computer security and forensics, and also master of science degrees in criminal justice forensics. Depending upon the program selected, these courses can be completed within twelve to eighteen months.

In terms of future employment outlook, the job forecast in this field is expected to remain positive for the next five to seven years.

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