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In light of all changes in crime over the past few years, law enforcement training degree programs have been updated at many of today's colleges and universities. In order to ensure that their students are properly trained and educated to handle these changing crime trends, the administrators at these schools made it a priority to update their current law enforcement course outline and degree programs. Some of these changes involved adding more programs and courses related to homeland security.

Since some of the changes in crime over the past few years have been related to global security issues and terrorism, many law enforcement students today are being trained to handle situations such as possible bomb threats and potential terrorist attacks. This type of training was previously given primarily to individuals who worked in high level security positions at large hotels and airports located in major cities. However, now that terrorist related activities have been identified in many small towns and communities, this type of training is now also being given to those who work in law enforcement on a local community level.

One school that currently offers a law enforcement training program that specializes in homeland security is Northcentral University. This school has been around for many years, and it has gained a great reputation for teaching the latest homeland security training techniques. In order for potential students to qualify for this course, they must first take a pre-entry exam. The results of this exam will help teachers determine the applicant's level of skills, ability and interest.

In regards to employment and salary, many graduates often find jobs working as captains at local police stations or as a security director at a high profile government agency. In terms of pay, the salary for a police captain can range from forty five to sixty thousand dollars per year. The variation in pay is based on the size and population of the police office and city. For example, a police captain working in New York would probably make more money than a police captain working in a smaller populated city like Savannah, Georgia. In most instances, the higher pay is justified because a police captain working in a city like New York, probably has more responsibilities and also a lot more criminal cases to deal with. While graduates who find jobs working at a governmental agency like the F.B.I. or C.I.A., would most likely earn between fifty eight to ninety five thousand dollars a year.

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