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Parole Officer Training Courses Intensify in Scope

Over the past several years, parole officer training courses have become a lot more intense and interactive. As a result of the changing trends in local area crimes, colleges and universities that offer parole officer degree programs are making sure that their students are receiving advanced courses and training. These advanced courses are designed to provide students updates about the latest parole laws regulations in their area. In large urban cities like Miami where drug trafficking is a major problem, parole officers in this area are being given special training and instructions on how to handle and monitor individuals who are on parole related to drug charges. Because many of these individuals are often required to testify as witnesses in drug related trials, local police departments are making sure that all parole monitoring procedures are being administered properly.

However the first step in getting parole officer certification is by enrolling in a college or university that offers criminal justice courses. Many of these schools offer courses and programs that can be completed within twelve to fourteen months. Some of the course topics featured in these programs include the latest techniques for following up on parolees, tips and advice on how to develop effective communication, and also tips and techniques on how to track down a parolee that is not meeting the requirements of their parole release conditions.

In addition to this, there are also courses on how to track down an assigned parolee who has fled the community or state. In terms of universities and colleges that currently offer parole officer training courses and degree programs, these include Kaplan University, Keiser University, Harrison College, Walden University, American InterContinental University Online, University of the Rockies, Fortis Institute and Grand Canyon University. In regards to individual degree options, these include bachelor of arts degrees in criminal behavior, bachelor of science degree in criminal justice, a bachelors degree in correctional case management, and also several master of science degree programs in public policy and applied criminology.

The current average pay rate today for a probation officer with a bachelors degree is around forty two thousand dollars, while probation officers with master degrees or advanced certification typically earn about forty eight to fifty five thousand dollars per year. In terms of general job duties and responsibilities, these include daily and weekly monitoring of criminal offenders, making follow up recommendations for rehabilitation services, reporting any changes in behavior, conducting requested investigations and also submitting weekly reports.

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