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Just because crime scene investigating is nothing like it is displayed on television does not mean it pays badly. A crime scene investigator salary starts at close to fifty thousand a year. Not a lot to some, but a decent amount to start out at right off the mark. Becoming a crime scene investigator can be an amazing feat for anyone who wants to better their career and make more money. Not only does it make a decent amount of money but it is also very rewarding a career - a career which you can enjoy and be proud of, but yet also pays you well is very rare indeed.

The first thing ones need to do before one can become a crime scene investigator is to go to school. Criminal law is a good start but of course going to school today can be very difficult. With your current job and your private life you can find it hard to make time for school let alone pay for it. However there is a new alternative to that. With today’s advances in technology we can now attend classes online. An online university is cheaper than going to school offline and it also affords you a chance to do the work on your own time. As long as you meet the deadlines and turn in your course work when it is due you should not have a problem.

It will show you that you can indeed change your life and take charge of the direction you are going into. When you see your first paycheck and see just how much a crime scene investigator salary is you will never regret the decision. Of course the job is not as exciting as television makes it out to be but it is still a very interesting one.

In today’s ever up-and-down economy you need a job which is a career, one which you can make a life for yourself and pull in a paycheck which you can never have to worry about money. Living comfortably is what we all aspire to, and when you have an education you can do just about anything, even becoming a crime scene investigator. Being a crime scene investigator also opens up doors for you into other law enforcement careers which you can move into after a while. It literally means that you do almost anything in criminal law and law enforcement.

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