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Getting a law degree has become a major priority for many paralegals today. As part of a plan to advance their career, thousands of paralegals across the country have enrolled in colleges and universities that offer legal degree based programs.

One of the schools that offers law related courses is American Inter-Continental University Online. This school offers a wide variety of law classes and also other types of criminal justice courses. These classes are currently being taught in various specialized areas such as criminal investigations, law enforcement, forensic science and corrections and case management. Earning a degree in one of these areas will enable a paralegal to qualify for advanced positions that pay more money and offer increased responsibilities. In some cases, this can mean a pay increase of fifteen to twenty five percent. Some potential employers may include law firms that specialize in areas such as sports management, corporate law and illegal immigration.

Another school that also offers a wide range of law degree related programs is Walden Online University. This school offers students the option of having course times that best fit their schedule. This is a great option for those who want to earn a legal degree but currently have a full time job. By having the ability to earn their degree online, full time workers can either study for their courses before they leave for work in the morning, or after they return from work in the evening. Some of the courses currently being offered at Walden include PhD programs in criminal justice, bachelor of science degree in human services, and also several master of science programs that focus on leadership development and executive management. Those who enroll in these programs are often mid-level managers who work at large corporations. Their goal is to earn an advanced degree so they can apply for a higher profile job. This can include director, vice president and executive level positions.

Along with Walden Online University and American Inter-Continental University Online, other accredited schools that offer law related courses include DeVry University, Northcentral University, Western International University, and Ashworth College. At DeVry University for example, there are currently several courses being offered in cyber security management. While over at Northcentral University, some of the courses currently being offered focus on areas like public policy administration and homeland security. All these courses are included in both bachelors and master degree programs. These programs typically last between twelve to twenty four months.

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