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Job Opportunities Abound in Computer Forensics

Earning a computer forensics degree can open the door to a wide range of job opportunities in online security. Due to the increased number of terrorist threats or hacking incidents over the past years, more and more companies and business organizations are hiring online security professionals. These professionals are needed in order to prevent potential hacking situations and also to manage and monitor daily online transactions. Many of these job opportunities are at major consumer companies, hotels, airports and banks. All of these types of business organizations process huge volume of daily transactions, and as a result they need constant online management.

One school in particular that offers a wide range of specialized computer forensic degree programs is Walden University. This school has been recognized for many years for having successful students and graduates. Some of the programs Walden currently offers include bachelor degree courses in computer testing, application development, online quality assurance, and also master degree program courses in information management. The job opportunities available for graduates with these degrees include computer safety coordinators, digital computer specialists, and online security directors. All these positions require various levels of experience and degrees, and the pay range is typically from fifty eight thousand to seventy five thousand dollars per year.

In addition to Walden University, Colorado Technical University also offers a wide range and variety of computer forensics related courses. Some of these include a bachelor degree program in computer security, master degree program in computer science, and a doctorate of computer science degree that focuses on digital online computer security.

Having these types of degrees will help students become eligible for a variety of jobs in the online security field. Many of these job opportunities are available at technology companies, law firms, banks, mortgage companies and also large consumer corporations. This includes technology companies and large corporations such as Yahoo, Google, Coca Cola, American Express, Ford Motor Company, Federal Express and Nike.

The pay scale for opportunities at these types of companies generally ranges from sixty two thousand to over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars per year. The variation in pay for these positions is based on specific levels of education and experience. Along with job opportunities at major business organizations, there are also opportunities available for individuals with these types of degrees at police stations and digital security companies.

In addition to the schools listed above, there are also other colleges and universities that offer computer forensics degree programs, which include Globe University, Jones International University, PC Age Career Institute, Keiser University, Ashworth College and also American InterContinental University Online.

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